Pages.h File Reference
#include "ipc/mem/Page.h"
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namespace  Ipc
namespace  Ipc::Mem


bool Ipc::Mem::GetPage (const PageId::Purpose purpose, PageId &page)
 sets page ID and returns true unless no free pages are found More...
void Ipc::Mem::PutPage (PageId &page)
 makes identified page available as a free page to future GetPage() callers More...
char * Ipc::Mem::PagePointer (const PageId &page)
 converts page handler into a temporary writeable shared memory pointer More...
size_t Ipc::Mem::PageLimit ()
 the total number of shared memory pages that can be in use at any time More...
size_t Ipc::Mem::PageLimit (const int purpose)
size_t Ipc::Mem::PageLevel ()
 approximate total number of shared memory pages used now More...
size_t Ipc::Mem::PageLevel (const int purpose)
 approximate total number of shared memory pages used now for given purpose More...
size_t Ipc::Mem::PagesAvailable ()
 approximate total number of shared memory pages we can allocate now More...
size_t Ipc::Mem::PagesAvailable (const int purpose)
size_t Ipc::Mem::PageSize ()
 returns page size in bytes; all pages are assumed to be the same size More...
void Ipc::Mem::NotePageNeed (const int purpose, const int count)
 claim the need for a number of pages for a given purpose More...






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