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class  RegisteredRunner
class  IndependentRunner
 A RegisteredRunner with lifetime determined by forces outside the Registry. More...


#define RunRegisteredHere(m)
 convenience macro to describe/debug the caller and the method being called More...
#define RunnerRegistrationEntry(Who)
 convenience macro: register one RegisteredRunner kid as early as possible More...


bool RegisterRunner (RegisteredRunner *rr)
 registers a given runner with the given registry and returns true on success More...
void RunRegistered (const RegisteredRunner::Method &m)
bool UseThisStatic (const void *)
 convenience function to "use" an otherwise unreferenced static variable More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define RunnerRegistrationEntry (   Who)
static const bool Who ## _Registered_ = \
RegisterRunner(new Who) > 0 && \
UseThisStatic(& Who ## _Registered_);
bool UseThisStatic(const void *)
convenience function to "use" an otherwise unreferenced static variable
bool RegisterRunner(RegisteredRunner *rr)
registers a given runner with the given registry and returns true on success

Definition at line 121 of file RunnersRegistry.h.

#define RunRegisteredHere (   m)
debugs(1, 2, "running " # m); \
void RunRegistered(const RegisteredRunner::Method &event)
#define debugs(SECTION, LEVEL, CONTENT)
Definition: Debug.h:124

Definition at line 113 of file RunnersRegistry.h.

Referenced by SignalEngine::doShutdown(), SignalEngine::FinalShutdownRunners(), mainReconfigureFinish(), mainReconfigureStart(), SquidMain(), SquidShutdown(), StartUsingConfig(), and watch_child().

Function Documentation

bool RegisterRunner ( RegisteredRunner rr)
void RunRegistered ( const RegisteredRunner::Method m)

Calls a given method of all runners. All runners are destroyed after the finishShutdown() call.

Definition at line 64 of file

References FindRunners(), RegisteredRunner::finishShutdown(), GetRidOfRunner(), RunnersGone, and TheRunners.

bool UseThisStatic ( const void *  )

Definition at line 112 of file






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