support.h File Reference
#include <cstring>
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struct  gdstruct
struct  ndstruct
struct  lsstruct
struct  main_args
struct  hstruct
struct  ldap_creds


#define PROGRAM   "kerberos_ldap_group"


void log (char *format,...)
void error (char *format,...)
void warn (char *format,...)
void init_args (struct main_args *margs)
void clean_args (struct main_args *margs)
const char * LogTime (void)
int check_memberof (struct main_args *margs, char *user, char *domain)
int get_memberof (struct main_args *margs, char *user, char *domain, char *group)
char * get_netbios_name (struct main_args *margs, char *netbios)
int create_gd (struct main_args *margs)
int create_nd (struct main_args *margs)
int create_ls (struct main_args *margs)
size_t get_ldap_hostname_list (struct main_args *margs, struct hstruct **hlist, size_t nhosts, char *domain)
size_t get_hostname_list (struct hstruct **hlist, size_t nhosts, char *name)
size_t free_hostname_list (struct hstruct **hlist, size_t nhosts)


SQUIDCEXTERN int log_enabled

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Definition at line 38 of file support.h.



Definition at line 33 of file support.h.



Definition at line 64 of file support.h.


#define PROGRAM   "kerberos_ldap_group"

Definition at line 189 of file support.h.

Function Documentation

◆ check_memberof()

int check_memberof ( struct main_args margs,
char *  user,
char *  domain 

◆ clean_args()

void clean_args ( struct main_args margs)

◆ create_gd()

int create_gd ( struct main_args margs)

◆ create_ls()

int create_ls ( struct main_args margs)

◆ create_nd()

int create_nd ( struct main_args margs)

◆ error()

void error ( char *  format,

Referenced by Snmp::Inquirer::aggregate(), Security::PeerConnector::bail(), Http::Tunneler::bailWith(), Ssl::CertValidationMsg::CertValidationMsg(), Ssl::chainCertificatesToSSLContext(), ClientRequestContext::clientAccessCheckDone(), FwdState::connectedToPeer(), TunnelStateData::connectedToPeer(), HttpStateData::continueAfterParsingHeader(), Security::ServerOptions::createStaticServerContext(), ConnStateData::handleIdleClientPinnedTlsRead(), Http::Tunneler::handleReadyRead(), ConnStateData::handleRequestBodyData(), Http::Tunneler::handleWrittenRequest(), Adaptation::ServiceGroup::has(), Ssl::IcapPeerConnector::IcapPeerConnector(), File::isOpen(), IpCacheLookupForwarder::lookupsStarting(), main(), FwdState::noteConnection(), TunnelStateData::noteConnection(), Adaptation::Ecap::HeaderRep::parse(), Adaptation::Icap::Xaction::parseHttpMsg(), Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::parsePart(), Ssl::PeekingPeerConnector::PeekingPeerConnector(), Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::prepEchoing(), processNewRequest(), ConnStateData::requestTimeout(), TunnelStateData::saveError(), Snmp::Forwarder::sendError(), Mgr::Forwarder::sendError(), Security::PeerConnector::serverConnection(), Ftp::Relay::serverState(), Http::Tunneler::setDelayId(), squid_rn_walktree(), ClientRequestContext::sslBumpAccessCheck(), sslCrtvdHandleReplyWrapper(), ConnStateData::stoppedSending(), ConnStateData::stopReceiving(), ConnStateData::stopSending(), strwordtok(), HappyConnOpenerAnswer::success(), testHttpReply::testSanityCheckFirstLine(), testHttpRequest::testSanityCheckStartLine(), Adaptation::Icap::TrailerParser::TrailerParser(), FwdState::tunnelEstablishmentDone(), TunnelStateData::tunnelEstablishmentDone(), Mmapping::unmap(), TunnelStateData::usePinned(), xgetnameinfo(), and HappyConnOpenerAnswer::~HappyConnOpenerAnswer().

◆ free_hostname_list()

size_t free_hostname_list ( struct hstruct **  hlist,
size_t  nhosts 

◆ get_hostname_list()

size_t get_hostname_list ( struct hstruct **  hlist,
size_t  nhosts,
char *  name 

◆ get_ldap_hostname_list()

size_t get_ldap_hostname_list ( struct main_args margs,
struct hstruct **  hlist,
size_t  nhosts,
char *  domain 

◆ get_memberof()

int get_memberof ( struct main_args margs,
char *  user,
char *  domain,
char *  group 

◆ get_netbios_name()

char* get_netbios_name ( struct main_args margs,
char *  netbios 

◆ init_args()

void init_args ( struct main_args margs)

◆ log()

◆ LogTime()

const char* LogTime ( void  )

Definition at line 122 of file negotiate_kerberos.h.

References buf, check_gss_err(), gethost_name(), log(), and NULL.

◆ warn()

void warn ( char *  format,

Referenced by redirectHandleReply().

Variable Documentation

◆ log_enabled

SQUIDCEXTERN int log_enabled

Definition at line 116 of file support.h.






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