Bug List
Member Fs::Ufs::RebuildState::callback (void *cbdata)
(callback) should be hidden behind a proper human readable name
Member HttpStateData::statusIfComplete () const
XXX BUG? If the origin server (HTTP/1.0) does not send a keep-alive header, but keeps the connection open anyway, what happens? We'll return here and http.c waits for an EOF before changing store_status to STORE_OK. Combine this with ENTRY_FWD_HDR_WAIT and an error status code, and we might have to wait until the server times out the socket.
Member Icmp::ipHops (int ttl)

BUG? ttl<0 can produce high hop values

BUG? ttl>255 can produce zero or negative hop values

Member IcmpSquid::SendEcho (Ip::Address &to, int opcode, const char *payload=nullptr, int len=0) override

This will result in part of the payload being truncated if it contains a NULL character.

Or it may result in a buffer over-run if the payload is not nul-terminated properly.






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