AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry Class Reference

This subclass holds log info for ICAP part of request. More...

#include <AccessLogEntry.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IcapLogEntry ()

Public Attributes

Ip::Address hostAddr
 ICAP server IP address. More...
String serviceName
 ICAP service name. More...
String reqUri
 ICAP Request-URI. More...
Adaptation::Icap::ICAP::Method reqMethod = Adaptation::methodNone
 ICAP request method. More...
int64_t bytesSent = 0
 number of bytes sent to ICAP server so far More...
int64_t bytesRead = 0
 number of bytes read from ICAP server so far More...
int64_t bodyBytesRead = -1
HttpRequestrequest = nullptr
 ICAP request. More...
HttpReplyreply = nullptr
 ICAP reply. More...
Adaptation::Icap::XactOutcome outcome = Adaptation::Icap::xoUnknown
 final transaction status More...
struct timeval trTime
 Transaction response time. The timer starts when the ICAP transaction is created and stops when the result of the transaction is logged. More...
struct timeval ioTime
 Transaction I/O time. The timer starts when the first ICAP request byte is scheduled for sending and stops when the lastbyte of the ICAP response is received. More...
Http::StatusCode resStatus = Http::scNone
 ICAP response status code. More...
struct timeval processingTime
 total ICAP processing time More...

Detailed Description

Inner class declarations should be moved outside

Definition at line 195 of file AccessLogEntry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IcapLogEntry()

AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::IcapLogEntry ( )

Definition at line 198 of file AccessLogEntry.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bodyBytesRead

int64_t AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::bodyBytesRead = -1

number of ICAP body bytes read from ICAP server or -1 for no encapsulated message data in ICAP reply (eg 204 responses)

Definition at line 214 of file AccessLogEntry.h.

Referenced by Format::Format::assemble(), Adaptation::Icap::OptXact::finalizeLogInfo(), and Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::finalizeLogInfo().

◆ bytesRead

int64_t AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::bytesRead = 0

◆ bytesSent

int64_t AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::bytesSent = 0

◆ hostAddr

Ip::Address AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::hostAddr

◆ ioTime

struct timeval AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::ioTime

◆ outcome

◆ processingTime

struct timeval AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::processingTime

Definition at line 231 of file AccessLogEntry.h.

Referenced by Format::Format::assemble().

◆ reply

HttpReply* AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::reply = nullptr

◆ reqMethod

Adaptation::Icap::ICAP::Method AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::reqMethod = Adaptation::methodNone

◆ request

HttpRequest* AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::request = nullptr

◆ reqUri

String AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::reqUri

◆ resStatus

Http::StatusCode AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::resStatus = Http::scNone

◆ serviceName

String AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::serviceName

◆ trTime

struct timeval AccessLogEntry::IcapLogEntry::trTime

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