stores cpu_affinity_map configuration More...

#include <CpuAffinityMap.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool add (const std::vector< int > &aProcesses, const std::vector< int > &aCores)
 append cpu_affinity_map option More...
CpuAffinitySetcalculateSet (const int targetProcess) const
 calculate CPU set for this process More...
const std::vector< int > & processes () const
 returns list of process numbers More...
const std::vector< int > & cores () const
 returns list of cores More...

Private Attributes

std::vector< inttheProcesses
 list of process numbers More...
std::vector< inttheCores
 list of cores More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file CpuAffinityMap.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

bool CpuAffinityMap::add ( const std::vector< int > &  aProcesses,
const std::vector< int > &  aCores 

Definition at line 18 of file

References theCores, and theProcesses.

◆ calculateSet()

CpuAffinitySet * CpuAffinityMap::calculateSet ( const int  targetProcess) const

Definition at line 36 of file

References CPU_SET, CPU_ZERO, DBG_CRITICAL, debugs, Must, NULL, CpuAffinitySet::set(), theCores, and theProcesses.

Referenced by CpuAffinityInit().

◆ cores()

const std::vector<int>& CpuAffinityMap::cores ( ) const

Definition at line 30 of file CpuAffinityMap.h.

References theCores.

Referenced by dump_CpuAffinityMap().

◆ processes()

const std::vector<int>& CpuAffinityMap::processes ( ) const

Definition at line 27 of file CpuAffinityMap.h.

References theProcesses.

Referenced by CpuAffinityCheck(), and dump_CpuAffinityMap().

Member Data Documentation

◆ theCores

std::vector<int> CpuAffinityMap::theCores

Definition at line 34 of file CpuAffinityMap.h.

Referenced by add(), calculateSet(), and cores().

◆ theProcesses

std::vector<int> CpuAffinityMap::theProcesses

Definition at line 33 of file CpuAffinityMap.h.

Referenced by add(), calculateSet(), and processes().

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