#include <DelayId.h>

Collaboration diagram for DelayId:

Public Member Functions

 DelayId ()
 DelayId (unsigned short)
 ~DelayId ()
unsigned short pool () const
DelayIdComposite::Pointer compositePosition ()
DelayIdComposite::Pointer const compositePosition () const
void compositePosition (DelayIdComposite::Pointer)
bool operator== (DelayId const &rhs) const
 operator bool () const
int bytesWanted (int min, int max) const
void bytesIn (int qty)
void setNoDelay (bool const)
void delayRead (DeferredRead const &)

Static Public Member Functions

static DelayId DelayClient (ClientHttpRequest *, HttpReply *reply=nullptr)

Private Attributes

unsigned short pool_
DelayIdComposite::Pointer compositeId
bool markedAsNoDelay

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file DelayId.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DelayId::DelayId ( )

Definition at line 27 of file DelayId.cc.

Referenced by DelayClient().

DelayId::DelayId ( unsigned short  aPool)

Definition at line 30 of file DelayId.cc.

References debugs.

DelayId::~DelayId ( )

Definition at line 36 of file DelayId.cc.

Member Function Documentation

void DelayId::bytesIn ( int  qty)
int DelayId::bytesWanted ( int  min,
int  max 
) const
DelayIdComposite::Pointer DelayId::compositePosition ( )

Referenced by DelayClient().

DelayIdComposite::Pointer const DelayId::compositePosition ( ) const
void DelayId::compositePosition ( DelayIdComposite::Pointer  newPosition)

Definition at line 40 of file DelayId.cc.

References compositeId.

void DelayId::delayRead ( DeferredRead const &  aRead)

Definition at line 169 of file DelayId.cc.

References assert, compositeId, DelayIdComposite::delayRead(), and NULL.

DelayId::operator bool ( ) const

Definition at line 60 of file DelayId.cc.

References RefCount< C >::getRaw().

bool DelayId::operator== ( DelayId const &  rhs) const

Definition at line 52 of file DelayId.cc.

References compositeId, and pool_.

unsigned short DelayId::pool ( ) const

Definition at line 46 of file DelayId.cc.

References pool_.

Referenced by bytesIn(), and DelayClient().

void DelayId::setNoDelay ( bool const  newValue)

Definition at line 122 of file DelayId.cc.

References markedAsNoDelay.

Referenced by MemObject::setNoDelay().

Member Data Documentation

DelayIdComposite::Pointer DelayId::compositeId

Definition at line 41 of file DelayId.h.

Referenced by bytesIn(), bytesWanted(), compositePosition(), delayRead(), and operator==().

bool DelayId::markedAsNoDelay

Definition at line 42 of file DelayId.h.

Referenced by bytesIn(), bytesWanted(), and setNoDelay().

unsigned short DelayId::pool_

Definition at line 40 of file DelayId.h.

Referenced by operator==(), and pool().

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