#include <FwdState.h>

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Public Types

typedef RefCount< FwdStatePointer

Public Member Functions

virtual ~FwdState ()
void useDestinations ()
void fail (ErrorState *err)
void unregister (Comm::ConnectionPointer &conn)
void unregister (int fd)
void complete ()
void handleUnregisteredServerEnd ()
int reforward ()
bool reforwardableStatus (const Http::StatusCode s) const
void serverClosed ()
void connectStart ()
void connectDone (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &conn, Comm::Flag status, int xerrno)
bool checkRetry ()
bool checkRetriable ()
 Whether we may try sending this request again after a failure. More...
void dispatch ()
void pconnPush (Comm::ConnectionPointer &conn, const char *domain)
bool dontRetry ()
void dontRetry (bool val)
void closePendingConnection (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &conn, const char *reason)
 get rid of a to-server connection that failed to become serverConn More...
Comm::ConnectionPointer const & serverConnection () const
void startSelectingDestinations (HttpRequest *request, const AccessLogEntry::Pointer &ale, StoreEntry *entry)
virtual void * toCbdata ()=0

Static Public Member Functions

static void initModule ()
static void Start (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &client, StoreEntry *, HttpRequest *, const AccessLogEntryPointer &alp)
 Initiates request forwarding to a peer or origin server. More...
static void fwdStart (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &client, StoreEntry *, HttpRequest *)
 Same as Start() but no master xaction info (AccessLogEntry) available. More...
static time_t ForwardTimeout (const time_t fwdStart)
 time left to finish the whole forwarding process (which started at fwdStart) More...
static bool EnoughTimeToReForward (const time_t fwdStart)
static void HandleStoreAbort (FwdState *)
 called by Store if the entry is no longer usable More...

Public Attributes

AccessLogEntryPointer al
 info for the future access.log entry More...
bool subscribed = false
 whether noteDestination() and noteDestinationsEnd() calls are allowed More...
bool connected_okay
 TCP link ever opened properly. This affects retry of POST,PUT,CONNECT,etc. More...
bool dont_retry
bool forward_completed
bool destinationsFound
 at least one candidate path found More...

Private Types

enum  PconnRace {
 possible pconn race states More...

Private Member Functions

 FwdState (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &client, StoreEntry *, HttpRequest *, const AccessLogEntryPointer &alp)
void start (Pointer aSelf)
void stopAndDestroy (const char *reason)
 ends forwarding; relies on refcounting so the effect may not be immediate More...
virtual void noteDestination (Comm::ConnectionPointer conn) override
 called when a new unique destination has been found More...
virtual void noteDestinationsEnd (ErrorState *selectionError) override
bool usingDestination () const
void noteConnection (HappyConnOpenerAnswer &)
void doneWithRetries ()
void completed ()
void retryOrBail ()
void usePinned ()
 send request on an existing connection dedicated to the requesting client More...
bool pinnedCanRetry () const
template<typename StepStart >
void advanceDestination (const char *stepDescription, const Comm::ConnectionPointer &conn, const StepStart &startStep)
 starts a preparation step for an established connection; retries on failures More...
ErrorStatemakeConnectingError (const err_type type) const
void connectedToPeer (Security::EncryptorAnswer &answer)
 called when all negotiations with the TLS-speaking peer have been completed More...
void establishTunnelThruProxy (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &)
void tunnelEstablishmentDone (Http::TunnelerAnswer &answer)
 resumes operations after the (possibly failed) HTTP CONNECT exchange More...
void secureConnectionToPeerIfNeeded (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &)
 handles an established TCP connection to peer (including origin servers) More...
void secureConnectionToPeer (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &)
 encrypts an established TCP connection to peer (including origin servers) More...
void successfullyConnectedToPeer (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &)
 called when all negotiations with the peer have been completed More...
void closeServerConnection (const char *reason)
 stops monitoring server connection for closure and updates pconn stats More...
void syncWithServerConn (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &server, const char *host, const bool reused)
 commits to using the given open to-peer connection More...
void syncHierNote (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &server, const char *host)
bool exhaustedTries () const
 whether we have used up all permitted forwarding attempts More...
time_t connectingTimeout (const Comm::ConnectionPointer &conn) const
void cancelStep (const char *reason)
void notifyConnOpener ()
 makes sure connection opener knows that the destinations have changed More...
void reactToZeroSizeObject ()
 ERR_ZERO_SIZE_OBJECT requires special adjustments. More...

Static Private Member Functions

static void logReplyStatus (int tries, const Http::StatusCode status)
static void RegisterWithCacheManager (void)

Private Attributes

Pointer self
Comm::ConnectionPointer clientConn
 a possibly open connection to the client. More...
time_t start_t
int n_tries
 the number of forwarding attempts so far More...
struct {
   bool   connected_okay
 TCP link ever opened properly. This affects retry of POST,PUT,CONNECT,etc. More...
   bool   dont_retry
   bool   forward_completed
   bool   destinationsFound
 at least one candidate path found More...
JobWait< HappyConnOpenertransportWait
 waits for a transport connection to the peer to be established/opened More...
JobWait< Security::PeerConnectorencryptionWait
 waits for the established transport connection to be secured/encrypted More...
JobWait< Http::TunnelerpeerWait
ResolvedPeersPointer destinations
 paths for forwarding the request More...
Comm::ConnectionPointer serverConn
 a successfully opened connection to a server. More...
PeerConnectionPointer destinationReceipt
 peer selection result (or nil) More...
AsyncCall::Pointer closeHandler
 The serverConn close handler. More...
PconnRace pconnRace
 current pconn race state More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file FwdState.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Pointer

Definition at line 58 of file FwdState.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ PconnRace

enum FwdState::PconnRace

Definition at line 201 of file FwdState.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~FwdState()

◆ FwdState()

FwdState::FwdState ( const Comm::ConnectionPointer client,
StoreEntry e,
HttpRequest r,
const AccessLogEntryPointer alp 

Definition at line 144 of file FwdState.cc.

References debugs, flags, HTTPMSGLOCK(), StoreEntry::lock(), request, and StoreEntry::url().

Referenced by Start().

Member Function Documentation

◆ advanceDestination()

template<typename StepStart >
void FwdState::advanceDestination ( const char *  stepDescription,
const Comm::ConnectionPointer conn,
const StepStart &  startStep 

◆ cancelStep()

void FwdState::cancelStep ( const char *  reason)

Notify a pending subtask, if any, that we no longer need its help. We do not have to do this – the subtask job will eventually end – but ending it earlier reduces waste and may reduce DoS attack surface.

Definition at line 220 of file FwdState.cc.

References encryptionWait, peerWait, and transportWait.

Referenced by ~FwdState(), and stopAndDestroy().


FwdState::CBDATA_CHILD ( FwdState  )

◆ checkRetriable()

bool FwdState::checkRetriable ( )

◆ checkRetry()

◆ closePendingConnection()

void FwdState::closePendingConnection ( const Comm::ConnectionPointer conn,
const char *  reason 

◆ closeServerConnection()

void FwdState::closeServerConnection ( const char *  reason)

◆ complete()

void FwdState::complete ( )

FooClient modules call fwdComplete() when they are done downloading an object. Then, we either 1) re-forward the request somewhere else if needed, or 2) call storeComplete() to finish it off

Definition at line 533 of file FwdState.cc.

References MemObject::baseReply(), StoreEntry::complete(), completed(), debugs, destinationReceipt, entry, Comm::IsConnOpen(), logReplyStatus(), StoreEntry::mem(), StoreEntry::mem_obj, n_tries, reforward(), StoreEntry::reset(), serverConn, serverConnection(), HttpReply::sline, Http::StatusLine::status(), stopAndDestroy(), unregister(), StoreEntry::url(), and useDestinations().

Referenced by Client::completeForwarding(), connectedToPeer(), dispatch(), gopherReadReply(), gopherStart(), and WhoisState::readReply().

◆ completed()

◆ connectDone()

void FwdState::connectDone ( const Comm::ConnectionPointer conn,
Comm::Flag  status,
int  xerrno 

◆ connectedToPeer()

◆ connectingTimeout()

time_t FwdState::connectingTimeout ( const Comm::ConnectionPointer conn) const
the time left for this connection to become connected or 1 second if it is less than one second left

Definition at line 1432 of file FwdState.cc.

References conn, positiveTimeout(), and start_t.

Referenced by establishTunnelThruProxy(), and secureConnectionToPeer().

◆ connectStart()

void FwdState::connectStart ( )

◆ dispatch()

◆ doneWithRetries()

void FwdState::doneWithRetries ( )

Definition at line 780 of file FwdState.cc.

References Http::Message::body_pipe, BodyPipe::expectNoConsumption(), NULL, and request.

Referenced by ~FwdState(), and retryOrBail().

◆ dontRetry() [1/2]

◆ dontRetry() [2/2]

void FwdState::dontRetry ( bool  val)

Definition at line 95 of file FwdState.h.

References flags.

◆ EnoughTimeToReForward()

bool FwdState::EnoughTimeToReForward ( const time_t  fwdStart)

Whether there is still time to re-try after a previous connection failure.

fwdStartThe start time of the peer selection/connection process.

Definition at line 438 of file FwdState.cc.

References ForwardTimeout(), and fwdStart().

Referenced by checkRetry(), and TunnelStateData::checkRetry().

◆ establishTunnelThruProxy()

void FwdState::establishTunnelThruProxy ( const Comm::ConnectionPointer conn)

◆ exhaustedTries()

bool FwdState::exhaustedTries ( ) const

Definition at line 1404 of file FwdState.cc.

References Config, SquidConfig::forward_max_tries, and n_tries.

Referenced by checkRetry(), and reforward().

◆ fail()

◆ ForwardTimeout()

time_t FwdState::ForwardTimeout ( const time_t  fwdStart)

◆ fwdStart()

void FwdState::fwdStart ( const Comm::ConnectionPointer client,
StoreEntry entry,
HttpRequest request 

◆ HandleStoreAbort()

void FwdState::HandleStoreAbort ( FwdState fwd)

Definition at line 107 of file FwdState.cc.

References closeServerConnection(), debugs, HERE(), Comm::IsConnOpen(), serverConnection(), and stopAndDestroy().

Referenced by start().

◆ handleUnregisteredServerEnd()

void FwdState::handleUnregisteredServerEnd ( )

◆ initModule()

void FwdState::initModule ( )

Definition at line 1378 of file FwdState.cc.

References RegisterWithCacheManager().

Referenced by mainInitialize().

◆ logReplyStatus()

void FwdState::logReplyStatus ( int  tries,
const Http::StatusCode  status 

Definition at line 1390 of file FwdState.cc.

References assert, FwdReplyCodes, MAX_FWD_STATS_IDX, and Http::scInvalidHeader.

Referenced by complete().

◆ makeConnectingError()

ErrorState* FwdState::makeConnectingError ( const err_type  type) const

◆ noteConnection()

◆ noteDestination()

void FwdState::noteDestination ( Comm::ConnectionPointer  path)

◆ noteDestinationsEnd()

void FwdState::noteDestinationsEnd ( ErrorState error)

called when there will be no more noteDestination() calls

erroris a possible reason why no destinations were found; it is guaranteed to be nil if there was at least one noteDestination() call

Implements PeerSelectionInitiator.

Definition at line 610 of file FwdState.cc.

References debugs, destinations, ResolvedPeers::destinationsFinalized, err, fail(), flags, Must, notifyConnOpener(), PeerSelectionInitiator::subscribed, transportWait, useDestinations(), and usingDestination().

◆ notifyConnOpener()

void FwdState::notifyConnOpener ( )

◆ pconnPush()

void FwdState::pconnPush ( Comm::ConnectionPointer conn,
const char *  domain 

◆ pinnedCanRetry()

bool FwdState::pinnedCanRetry ( ) const

whether a pinned to-peer connection can be replaced with another one (in order to retry or reforward a failed request)

Definition at line 1410 of file FwdState.cc.

References assert, HttpRequest::flags, pconnRace, RequestFlags::pinned, raceHappened, request, and RequestFlags::sslBumped.

Referenced by checkRetry(), and reforward().

◆ reactToZeroSizeObject()

void FwdState::reactToZeroSizeObject ( )

◆ reforward()

◆ reforwardableStatus()

◆ RegisterWithCacheManager()

void FwdState::RegisterWithCacheManager ( void  )

Definition at line 1384 of file FwdState.cc.

References fwdStats, and Mgr::RegisterAction().

Referenced by initModule().

◆ retryOrBail()

◆ secureConnectionToPeer()

◆ secureConnectionToPeerIfNeeded()

◆ serverClosed()

◆ serverConnection()

Comm::ConnectionPointer const& FwdState::serverConnection ( ) const

return a ConnectionPointer to the current server connection (may or may not be open)

Definition at line 101 of file FwdState.h.

References serverConn.

Referenced by Ftp::Client::Client(), HttpStateData::HttpStateData(), complete(), dispatch(), gopherStart(), HandleStoreAbort(), successfullyConnectedToPeer(), unregister(), and whoisStart().

◆ Start()

void FwdState::Start ( const Comm::ConnectionPointer clientConn,
StoreEntry entry,
HttpRequest request,
const AccessLogEntryPointer al 

This is the entry point for client-side to start forwarding a transaction. It is a static method that may or may not allocate a FwdState.

client_addr == no_addr indicates this is an "internal" request from peer_digest.c, asn.c, netdb.c, etc and should always be allowed. yuck, I know.

Check if this host is allowed to fetch MISSES from us (miss_access). Intentionally replace the src_addr automatically selected by the checklist code we do NOT want the indirect client address to be tested here.

Definition at line 337 of file FwdState.cc.

References FwdState(), SquidConfig::accessList, aclGetDenyInfoPage(), AclMatchedName, ACLFilledChecklist::al, al, HttpRequest::client_addr, clientConn, Config, debugs, Acl::Answer::denied(), SquidConfig::denyInfoList, entry, ERR_FORWARDING_DENIED, ERR_NONE, ERR_SHUTTING_DOWN, errorAppendEntry(), ACLChecklist::fastCheck(), HttpRequest::flags, CacheManager::GetInstance(), AnyP::Uri::getScheme(), HERE(), RequestFlags::internal, internalStart(), Ip::Address::isNoAddr(), StoreEntry::mem_obj, SquidConfig::miss, NULL, AnyP::PROTO_CACHE_OBJECT, AnyP::PROTO_URN, request, MemObject::request, Http::scForbidden, Http::scServiceUnavailable, shutting_down, ACLFilledChecklist::src_addr, CacheManager::start(), start(), ACLFilledChecklist::syncAle(), HttpRequest::url, StoreEntry::url(), and urnStart().

Referenced by fwdStart(), ConnStateData::parseTlsHandshake(), clientReplyContext::processExpired(), clientReplyContext::processMiss(), UrnState::start(), and ConnStateData::startPeekAndSplice().

◆ start()

◆ startSelectingDestinations()

void PeerSelectionInitiator::startSelectingDestinations ( HttpRequest request,
const AccessLogEntry::Pointer ale,
StoreEntry entry 

Initiates asynchronous peer selection that eventually results in zero or more noteDestination() calls and exactly one noteDestinationsEnd() call.

Definition at line 335 of file peer_select.cc.

References peerSelect(), request(), and PeerSelectionInitiator::subscribed.

Referenced by start(), and tunnelStart().

◆ stopAndDestroy()

void FwdState::stopAndDestroy ( const char *  reason)

◆ successfullyConnectedToPeer()

◆ syncHierNote()

void FwdState::syncHierNote ( const Comm::ConnectionPointer server,
const char *  host 

◆ syncWithServerConn()

void FwdState::syncWithServerConn ( const Comm::ConnectionPointer server,
const char *  host,
const bool  reused 

◆ toCbdata()

virtual void* CbdataParent::toCbdata ( )
pure virtualinherited

◆ tunnelEstablishmentDone()

◆ unregister() [1/2]

◆ unregister() [2/2]

void FwdState::unregister ( int  fd)

◆ useDestinations()

void FwdState::useDestinations ( )

This is the real beginning of server connection. Call it whenever the forwarding server destination has changed and a new one needs to be opened. Produces the cannot-forward error on fail if no better error exists.

Definition at line 444 of file FwdState.cc.

References al, connectStart(), debugs, destinations, ResolvedPeers::empty(), entry, err, ERR_CANNOT_FORWARD, fail(), HERE(), request, Http::scInternalServerError, stopAndDestroy(), PeerSelectionInitiator::subscribed, and StoreEntry::url().

Referenced by complete(), noteDestination(), noteDestinationsEnd(), and retryOrBail().

◆ usePinned()

◆ usingDestination()

bool FwdState::usingDestination ( ) const

whether the successfully selected path destination or the established server connection is still in use

Definition at line 571 of file FwdState.cc.

References encryptionWait, Comm::IsConnOpen(), peerWait, and serverConn.

Referenced by connectStart(), noteDestination(), and noteDestinationsEnd().

Member Data Documentation

◆ al

◆ clientConn

Comm::ConnectionPointer FwdState::clientConn

Definition at line 173 of file FwdState.h.

Referenced by dispatch(), fwdStart(), secureConnectionToPeer(), and Start().

◆ closeHandler

AsyncCall::Pointer FwdState::closeHandler

◆ connected_okay

bool FwdState::connected_okay

Definition at line 178 of file FwdState.h.

◆ destinationReceipt

PeerConnectionPointer FwdState::destinationReceipt

◆ destinations

◆ destinationsFound

bool FwdState::destinationsFound

Definition at line 181 of file FwdState.h.

◆ dont_retry

bool FwdState::dont_retry

Definition at line 179 of file FwdState.h.

◆ encryptionWait

JobWait<Security::PeerConnector> FwdState::encryptionWait

Definition at line 188 of file FwdState.h.

Referenced by cancelStep(), connectedToPeer(), secureConnectionToPeer(), and usingDestination().

◆ entry

◆ err

◆ flags

◆ forward_completed

bool FwdState::forward_completed

Definition at line 180 of file FwdState.h.

◆ n_tries

int FwdState::n_tries

◆ pconnRace

PconnRace FwdState::pconnRace

◆ peerWait

JobWait<Http::Tunneler> FwdState::peerWait

waits for an HTTP CONNECT tunnel through a cache_peer to be negotiated over the (encrypted, if needed) transport connection to that cache_peer

Definition at line 192 of file FwdState.h.

Referenced by cancelStep(), establishTunnelThruProxy(), tunnelEstablishmentDone(), and usingDestination().

◆ request

◆ self

Pointer FwdState::self

Definition at line 171 of file FwdState.h.

◆ serverConn

◆ start_t

time_t FwdState::start_t

Definition at line 174 of file FwdState.h.

Referenced by checkRetry(), connectingTimeout(), connectStart(), and retryOrBail().

◆ subscribed

◆ transportWait

JobWait<HappyConnOpener> FwdState::transportWait

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