common parts of HttpRequest and HttpReply More...

#include <Message.h>

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Public Types

enum  Sources {
  srcUnknown = 0,
  srcHttps = 1 << 0,
  srcFtps = 1 << 1,
  srcIcaps = 1 << 2,
  srcEcaps = 1 << 3,
  srcHttp = 1 << (16 + 0),
  srcFtp = 1 << (16 + 1),
  srcIcap = 1 << (16 + 2),
  srcEcap = 1 << (16 + 3),
  srcGopher = 1 << (16 + 14),
  srcWhois = 1 << (16 + 15),
  srcUnsafe = 0xFFFF0000,
  srcSafe = 0x0000FFFF
 Who may have created or modified this message? More...
enum  ParseState {
  psReadyToParseStartLine = 0,
 parse state of HttpReply or HttpRequest More...

Public Member Functions

 Message (http_hdr_owner_type)
virtual ~Message ()
virtual void reset ()=0
void packInto (Packable *, bool full_uri) const
 produce a message copy, except for a few connection-specific settings More...
virtual Http::Messageclone () const =0
void setContentLength (int64_t)
 [re]sets Content-Length header and cached value More...
bool persistent () const
void putCc (const HttpHdrCc *otherCc)
 copies Cache-Control header to this message More...
bool parse (const char *buf, const size_t sz, bool eol, Http::StatusCode *error)
bool parseCharBuf (const char *buf, ssize_t end)
int httpMsgParseStep (const char *buf, int len, int atEnd)
virtual int httpMsgParseError ()
virtual bool expectingBody (const HttpRequestMethod &, int64_t &) const =0
void firstLineBuf (MemBuf &)
 useful for debugging More...
virtual bool inheritProperties (const Http::Message *)=0

Public Attributes

AnyP::ProtocolVersion http_ver
HttpHeader header
HttpHdrCccache_control = nullptr
int hdr_sz = 0
int64_t content_length = 0
ParseState pstate = Http::Message::psReadyToParseStartLine
 the current parsing state More...
BodyPipe::Pointer body_pipe
 optional pipeline to receive message body More...
uint32_t sources = 0
 The message sources. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool sanityCheckStartLine (const char *buf, const size_t hdr_len, Http::StatusCode *error)=0
virtual void packFirstLineInto (Packable *p, bool full_uri) const =0
virtual bool parseFirstLine (const char *blk_start, const char *blk_end)=0
virtual void hdrCacheInit ()
virtual void configureContentLengthInterpreter (Http::ContentLengthInterpreter &)=0
 configures the interpreter as needed More...
bool parseHeader (Http1::Parser &, Http::ContentLengthInterpreter &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file Message.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ParseState


Definition at line 87 of file Message.h.

◆ Sources


https_port or bumped http_port tunnel; HTTPS server


ftps_port or SFTP server; currently unused


Secure ICAP service.


eCAP service that is considered secure; currently unused


http_port or HTTP server


ftp_port or FTP server


traditional ICAP service without encryption


eCAP service that uses insecure libraries/daemons


Gopher server.


Whois server.


Unsafe sources mask.


Safe sources mask.

Definition at line 29 of file Message.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Message()

Http::Message::Message ( http_hdr_owner_type  owner)

Definition at line 23 of file

◆ ~Message()

Http::Message::~Message ( )

Definition at line 28 of file

References assert, and body_pipe.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

virtual Http::Message* Http::Message::clone ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ configureContentLengthInterpreter()

virtual void Http::Message::configureContentLengthInterpreter ( Http::ContentLengthInterpreter )
protectedpure virtual

Implemented in HttpRequest, and HttpReply.

Referenced by httpMsgParseStep(), and parseHeader().

◆ expectingBody()

virtual bool Http::Message::expectingBody ( const HttpRequestMethod ,
int64_t &   
) const
pure virtual

◆ firstLineBuf()

void Http::Message::firstLineBuf ( MemBuf mb)

Definition at line 295 of file

References packFirstLineInto().

◆ hdrCacheInit()

void Http::Message::hdrCacheInit ( )

◆ httpMsgParseError()

int Http::Message::httpMsgParseError ( )

Reimplemented in HttpReply.

Definition at line 246 of file

References reset().

Referenced by HttpReply::httpMsgParseError(), and httpMsgParseStep().

◆ httpMsgParseStep()

int Http::Message::httpMsgParseStep ( const char *  buf,
int  len,
int  atEnd 

parses a 0-terminated buffer into Http::Message.

Return values
0need more data (partial parse)
-1parse error

Definition at line 170 of file

References assert, buf, configureContentLengthInterpreter(), hdr_sz, hdrCacheInit(), header, httpMsgIsolateStart(), httpMsgParseError(), len, HttpHeader::parse(), parseFirstLine(), PROF_start, PROF_stop, psParsed, psReadyToParseHeaders, psReadyToParseStartLine, and pstate.

Referenced by MemStore::copyFromShmSlice(), parse(), and parseCharBuf().

◆ inheritProperties()

virtual bool Http::Message::inheritProperties ( const Http::Message )
pure virtual

◆ packFirstLineInto()

virtual void Http::Message::packFirstLineInto ( Packable p,
bool  full_uri 
) const
protectedpure virtual

Implemented in HttpRequest, and HttpReply.

Referenced by firstLineBuf(), and packInto().

◆ packInto()

void Http::Message::packInto ( Packable p,
bool  full_uri 
) const

◆ parse()

◆ parseCharBuf()

bool Http::Message::parseCharBuf ( const char *  buf,
ssize_t  end 

parseCharBuf() takes character buffer of HTTP headers (buf), which may not be NULL-terminated, and fills in an Http::Message structure. The parameter 'end' specifies the offset to the end of the reply headers. The caller may know where the end is, but is unable to NULL-terminate the buffer. This function returns true on success.

Definition at line 148 of file

References MemBuf::append(), MemBuf::buf, MemBuf::clean(), httpMsgParseStep(), MemBuf::init(), reset(), MemBuf::size, and MemBuf::terminate().

Referenced by Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::makeRequestHeaders(), store_client::readBody(), and urnHandleReply().

◆ parseFirstLine()

virtual bool Http::Message::parseFirstLine ( const char *  blk_start,
const char *  blk_end 
protectedpure virtual

Implemented in HttpRequest, and HttpReply.

Referenced by httpMsgParseStep().

◆ parseHeader()

◆ persistent()

bool Http::Message::persistent ( ) const
Return values
truethe message sender asks to keep the connection open.
falsethe message sender will close the connection.

Factors other than the headers may result in connection closure.

Definition at line 261 of file

References header, http_ver, httpHeaderHasConnDir(), and Http::ProtocolVersion().

Referenced by clientReplyContext::buildReplyHeader(), clientSetKeepaliveFlag(), HttpReply::hdrCacheInit(), and HttpStateData::sendRequest().

◆ putCc()

void Http::Message::putCc ( const HttpHdrCc otherCc)

◆ reset()

virtual void Http::Message::reset ( )
pure virtual

◆ sanityCheckStartLine()

virtual bool Http::Message::sanityCheckStartLine ( const char *  buf,
const size_t  hdr_len,
Http::StatusCode error 
protectedpure virtual

Validate the message start line is syntactically correct. Set HTTP error status according to problems found.

Return values
trueStatus line has no serious problems.
falseStatus line has a serious problem. Correct response is indicated by error.

Implemented in HttpRequest, and HttpReply.

Referenced by parse().

◆ setContentLength()

void Http::Message::setContentLength ( int64_t  clen)

Member Data Documentation

◆ body_pipe

◆ cache_control

◆ content_length

◆ hdr_sz

◆ header

HttpHeader Http::Message::header

Definition at line 75 of file Message.h.

Referenced by StoreEntry::adjustVary(), Ftp::Gateway::appendSuccessHeader(), Format::Format::assemble(), assembleVaryKey(), authDigestNoncePurge(), Auth::UserRequest::authenticate(), ConnStateData::buildFakeRequest(), ErrorState::BuildHttpReply(), Http::One::Server::buildHttpRequest(), Http::Stream::buildRangeHeader(), clientReplyContext::buildReplyHeader(), Downloader::buildRequest(), ESIVarState::buildVary(), HttpRequest::canHandle1xx(), HttpRequest::clean(), HttpReply::clean(), clientBeginRequest(), clientCheckPinning(), clientGetMoreData(), clientIfRangeMatch(), clientInterpretRequestHeaders(), clientIsContentLengthValid(), clientProcessRequest(), HttpRequest::clone(), HttpReply::clone(), ErrorState::compileLegacyCode(), HttpRequest::conditional(), Adaptation::Icap::Options::configure(), MimeIcon::created(), Ftp::Relay::createHttpReply(), ErrorState::Dump(), Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::encapsulateHead(), ESIContextNew(), Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::expectIcapTrailers(), HttpReply::expectingBody(), HttpRequest::expectingBody(), Mgr::Action::fillEntry(), Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::finalizeLogInfo(), Ftp::Gateway::ftpAuthRequired(), ftpSendStor(), Ssl::ErrorDetailsManager::getErrorDetail(), Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::gotEncapsulated(), Adaptation::Icap::OptXact::handleCommRead(), Ftp::Server::handleFeatReply(), Ftp::Server::handleRequest(), StoreEntry::hasIfMatchEtag(), StoreEntry::hasIfNoneMatchEtag(), StoreEntry::hasOneOfEtags(), HttpReply::hdrCacheInit(), hdrCacheInit(), HttpRequest::hdrCacheInit(), HttpReply::hdrExpirationTime(), HttpStateData::httpBuildRequestHeader(), Log::Format::HttpdCombined(), httpMakeVaryMark(), httpMsgParseStep(), Ftp::HttpReplyWrapper(), TemplateFile::loadFor(), Ftp::Gateway::loginFailed(), HttpReply::make304(), Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::makeRequestHeaders(), ACLHTTPReqHeaderStrategy::match(), ACLHTTPRepHeaderStrategy::match(), ACLRequestHeaderStrategy< header >::match(), ACLReplyHeaderStrategy< header >::match(), mcast_encode(), HttpRequest::pack(), HttpReply::packHeadersUsingFastPacker(), packInto(), parseHeader(), HttpRequest::parseHeader(), CacheManager::ParseHeaders(), Adaptation::Icap::ModXact::parseIcapHead(), Ftp::Server::parseOneRequest(), Adaptation::Icap::OptXact::parseResponse(), peerDigestRequest(), persistent(), HttpRequest::prefixLen(), prepareLogWithRequestDetails(), Ftp::PrintReply(), clientReplyContext::processConditional(), clientReplyContext::processExpired(), Http::One::Server::processParsedRequest(), HttpStateData::processReplyHeader(), purgeEntriesByHeader(), putCc(), HttpReply::redirect(), HttpReply::removeIrrelevantContentLength(), HttpReply::removeStaleWarnings(), HttpStateData::reusableReply(), Ftp::Relay::sendCommand(), setContentLength(), Ftp::Server::setDataCommand(), HttpReply::setHeaders(), UrnState::setUriResFromRequest(), Log::Format::SquidReferer(), Log::Format::SquidUserAgent(), Mgr::Inquirer::start(), CacheManager::start(), Ftp::Gateway::start(), HttpStateData::statusIfComplete(), StoreEntry::timestampsSet(), HttpReply::updateOnNotModified(), urlCheckRequest(), HttpReply::validatorsMatch(), varyEvaluateMatch(), Http::One::Server::writeControlMsgAndCall(), Ftp::Server::writeCustomReply(), Ftp::Server::writeErrorReply(), Ftp::Server::writeForwardedReply(), and Ftp::Server::writeForwardedReplyAndCall().

◆ http_ver

◆ pstate

◆ sources

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