#include <ICP.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ICPState (icp_common_t &aHeader, HttpRequest *aRequest)
virtual ~ICPState ()
virtual void created (StoreEntry *)=0

Public Attributes

icp_common_t header
int fd
Ip::Address from
char * url

Protected Member Functions

virtual LogTagsloggingTags () override
virtual void fillChecklist (ACLFilledChecklist &) const override
 configure the ACL checklist with the current transaction state More...
bool confirmAndPrepHit (const StoreEntry &)
 either confirms and starts processing a cache hit or returns false More...
bool startCollapsingOn (const StoreEntry &, const bool doingRevalidation)
bool mayInitiateCollapsing () const
 whether Squid configuration allows us to become a CF initiator More...
bool onCollapsingPath () const
 whether Squid configuration allows collapsing for this transaction More...

Protected Attributes

AccessLogEntryPointer al

Detailed Description

mempool this

Definition at line 64 of file ICP.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ICPState()

ICPState::ICPState ( icp_common_t aHeader,
HttpRequest aRequest 

Definition at line 142 of file icp_v2.cc.

References HTTPMSGLOCK(), and request.

◆ ~ICPState()

ICPState::~ICPState ( )

Definition at line 151 of file icp_v2.cc.

References HTTPMSGUNLOCK(), request, safe_free, and url.

Member Function Documentation

◆ confirmAndPrepHit()

◆ created()

virtual void StoreClient::created ( StoreEntry )
pure virtualinherited

◆ fillChecklist()

void ICPState::fillChecklist ( ACLFilledChecklist checklist) const

Implements StoreClient.

Definition at line 182 of file icp_v2.cc.

References al, ACLFilledChecklist::al, from, icpSyncAle(), request, ACLFilledChecklist::setRequest(), and url.

◆ loggingTags()

LogTags * ICPState::loggingTags ( )
LogTags (if the class logs transactions) or nil (otherwise)

Implements StoreClient.

Definition at line 173 of file icp_v2.cc.

References al, AccessLogEntry::cache, and AccessLogEntry::CacheDetails::code.

◆ mayInitiateCollapsing()

bool StoreClient::mayInitiateCollapsing ( ) const

◆ onCollapsingPath()

◆ startCollapsingOn()

bool StoreClient::startCollapsingOn ( const StoreEntry e,
const bool  doingRevalidation 
whether the caller must collapse on the given entry Before returning true, updates common collapsing-related stats. See also: StoreEntry::hittingRequiresCollapsing().

Definition at line 66 of file store_client.cc.

References debugs, StoreEntry::hittingRequiresCollapsing(), StoreClient::loggingTags(), and StoreClient::onCollapsingPath().

Referenced by confirmAndPrepHit(), UrnState::created(), htcpSpecifier::created(), clientReplyContext::identifyFoundObject(), and clientReplyContext::processExpired().

Member Data Documentation

◆ al

AccessLogEntryPointer ICPState::al

Definition at line 86 of file ICP.h.

Referenced by ICP3State::created(), ICP2State::created(), fillChecklist(), and loggingTags().

◆ fd

int ICPState::fd

Definition at line 73 of file ICP.h.

Referenced by ICP3State::created(), ICP2State::created(), doV2Query(), and doV3Query().

◆ from

Ip::Address ICPState::from

Definition at line 75 of file ICP.h.

Referenced by ICP3State::created(), ICP2State::created(), doV2Query(), doV3Query(), and fillChecklist().

◆ header

icp_common_t ICPState::header

Definition at line 71 of file ICP.h.

Referenced by ICP3State::created(), and ICP2State::created().

◆ request

HttpRequest* ICPState::request

Definition at line 72 of file ICP.h.

Referenced by confirmAndPrepHit(), ICP2State::created(), fillChecklist(), ICPState(), and ~ICPState().

◆ url

char* ICPState::url

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