#include <PageStack.h>

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class  Config
 PageStack construction and SharedMemorySize calculation parameters. More...

Public Types

typedef std::atomic< size_tLevels_t
typedef unsigned int PageCount
 the number of (free and/or used) pages in a stack More...

Public Member Functions

 PageStack (const Config &)
PageCount capacity () const
size_t pageSize () const
PageCount size () const
 an approximate number of free pages More...
bool pop (PageId &page)
 sets value and returns true unless no free page numbers are found More...
void push (PageId &page)
 makes value available as a free page number to future pop() callers More...
bool pageIdIsValid (const PageId &page) const
size_t sharedMemorySize () const
size_t stackSize () const
size_t levelsPaddingSize () const

Static Public Member Functions

static size_t SharedMemorySize (const Config &)
 total shared memory size required to share More...
static size_t StackSize (const PageCount capacity)
static size_t LevelsPaddingSize (const PageCount capacity)
static PoolId IdForMemStoreSpace ()
 stack of free cache_mem slot positions More...
static PoolId IdForMultipurposePool ()
 multipurpose PagePool of shared memory pages More...
static PoolId IdForSwapDirSpace (const int dirIdx)
 stack of free rock cache_dir slot numbers More...

Private Attributes

const Config config_
std::atomic< PageCountsize_
 a lower bound for the number of free pages (for debugging purposes) More...
IdSet ids_
 free pages (valid with positive capacity_) More...

Detailed Description

Atomic container of "free" PageIds. Detects (some) double-free bugs. Assumptions: All page numbers are unique, positive, with a known maximum. A pushed page may not become available immediately but is never truly lost.

Definition at line 108 of file PageStack.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Levels_t

typedef std::atomic<size_t> Ipc::Mem::PageStack::Levels_t

Definition at line 111 of file PageStack.h.

◆ PageCount

Definition at line 117 of file PageStack.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PageStack()

Ipc::Mem::PageStack::PageStack ( const Config config)

Member Function Documentation

◆ capacity()

PageCount Ipc::Mem::PageStack::capacity ( ) const

Definition at line 135 of file PageStack.h.

References Ipc::Mem::PageStack::Config::capacity, and config_.

◆ IdForMemStoreSpace()

static PoolId Ipc::Mem::PageStack::IdForMemStoreSpace ( )

The following functions return PageStack IDs for the corresponding PagePool or a similar PageStack user. The exact values are unimportant, but their uniqueness and stability eases debugging.

Definition at line 167 of file PageStack.h.

Referenced by MemStoreRr::create(), and MemStore::noteFreeMapSlice().

◆ IdForMultipurposePool()

static PoolId Ipc::Mem::PageStack::IdForMultipurposePool ( )

Definition at line 169 of file PageStack.h.

Referenced by SharedMemPagesRr::create().

◆ IdForSwapDirSpace()

static PoolId Ipc::Mem::PageStack::IdForSwapDirSpace ( const int  dirIdx)

◆ levelsPaddingSize()

size_t Ipc::Mem::PageStack::levelsPaddingSize ( ) const

Definition at line 158 of file PageStack.h.

References Ipc::Mem::PageStack::Config::capacity, config_, and LevelsPaddingSize().

◆ LevelsPaddingSize()

size_t Ipc::Mem::PageStack::LevelsPaddingSize ( const PageCount  capacity)
the number of padding bytes to align PagePool::theLevels array

Definition at line 519 of file PageStack.cc.

Referenced by levelsPaddingSize().

◆ pageIdIsValid()

bool Ipc::Mem::PageStack::pageIdIsValid ( const PageId page) const

Definition at line 483 of file PageStack.cc.

References Ipc::Mem::PageId::number, and Ipc::Mem::PageId::pool.

◆ pageSize()

size_t Ipc::Mem::PageStack::pageSize ( ) const

Definition at line 136 of file PageStack.h.

References config_, and Ipc::Mem::PageStack::Config::pageSize.

◆ pop()

bool Ipc::Mem::PageStack::pop ( PageId page)

Definition at line 442 of file PageStack.cc.

References assert, debugs, Ipc::Mem::PageId::number, and Ipc::Mem::PageId::pool.

Referenced by MemStore::reserveSapForWriting().

◆ push()

void Ipc::Mem::PageStack::push ( PageId page)

Definition at line 465 of file PageStack.cc.

References assert, debugs, and Ipc::Mem::PageId::number.

Referenced by MemStore::noteFreeMapSlice(), and MemStore::reserveSapForWriting().

◆ sharedMemorySize()

size_t Ipc::Mem::PageStack::sharedMemorySize ( ) const

Definition at line 490 of file PageStack.cc.

◆ SharedMemorySize()

size_t Ipc::Mem::PageStack::SharedMemorySize ( const Config cfg)

◆ size()

PageCount Ipc::Mem::PageStack::size ( ) const

Definition at line 138 of file PageStack.h.

References size_.

◆ stackSize()

size_t Ipc::Mem::PageStack::stackSize ( ) const

Definition at line 513 of file PageStack.cc.

◆ StackSize()

size_t Ipc::Mem::PageStack::StackSize ( const PageCount  capacity)

shared memory size required only by PageStack, excluding shared counters and page data

Definition at line 504 of file PageStack.cc.

References Ipc::Mem::IdSet::MemorySize().

Member Data Documentation

◆ config_

const Config Ipc::Mem::PageStack::config_

Definition at line 174 of file PageStack.h.

Referenced by PageStack(), capacity(), levelsPaddingSize(), and pageSize().

◆ ids_

IdSet Ipc::Mem::PageStack::ids_

Definition at line 178 of file PageStack.h.

Referenced by PageStack().

◆ size_

std::atomic<PageCount> Ipc::Mem::PageStack::size_

Definition at line 176 of file PageStack.h.

Referenced by PageStack(), and size().

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