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#include <Queue.h>

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Public Member Functions

 OneToOneUniQueues (const int aCapacity, const unsigned int maxItemSize, const int queueCapacity)
size_t sharedMemorySize () const
const OneToOneUniQueueoperator[] (const int index) const
OneToOneUniQueueoperator[] (const int index)

Static Public Member Functions

static size_t SharedMemorySize (const int capacity, const unsigned int maxItemSize, const int queueCapacity)

Public Attributes

const int theCapacity

Private Member Functions

const OneToOneUniQueuefront () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 130 of file Queue.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OneToOneUniQueues()

Ipc::OneToOneUniQueues::OneToOneUniQueues ( const int  aCapacity,
const unsigned int  maxItemSize,
const int  queueCapacity 

Definition at line 100 of file

References i, Must, and theCapacity.

Referenced by SharedMemorySize().

Member Function Documentation

◆ front()

const OneToOneUniQueue & Ipc::OneToOneUniQueues::front ( ) const

Definition at line 422 of file Queue.h.

Referenced by operator[](), and sharedMemorySize().

◆ operator[]() [1/2]

const Ipc::OneToOneUniQueue & Ipc::OneToOneUniQueues::operator[] ( const int  index) const

Definition at line 122 of file

References front(), Must, Ipc::OneToOneUniQueue::sharedMemorySize(), and theCapacity.

◆ operator[]() [2/2]

OneToOneUniQueue & Ipc::OneToOneUniQueues::operator[] ( const int  index)

Definition at line 416 of file Queue.h.

◆ sharedMemorySize()

size_t Ipc::OneToOneUniQueues::sharedMemorySize ( ) const

Definition at line 108 of file

References front(), Ipc::OneToOneUniQueue::sharedMemorySize(), and theCapacity.

◆ SharedMemorySize()

size_t Ipc::OneToOneUniQueues::SharedMemorySize ( const int  capacity,
const unsigned int  maxItemSize,
const int  queueCapacity 

Definition at line 114 of file

References Ipc::OneToOneUniQueue::Items2Bytes(), and OneToOneUniQueues().

Member Data Documentation

◆ theCapacity

const int Ipc::OneToOneUniQueues::theCapacity

Definition at line 145 of file Queue.h.

Referenced by OneToOneUniQueues(), operator[](), and sharedMemorySize().

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