Mgr::ActionParams Class Reference

Cache Manager Action parameters extracted from the user request. More...

#include <ActionParams.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ActionParams ()
 ActionParams (const Ipc::TypedMsgHdr &msg)
 load from msg More...
void pack (Ipc::TypedMsgHdr &msg) const
 store into msg More...

Public Attributes

String httpUri
 HTTP request URI. More...
HttpRequestMethod httpMethod
 HTTP request method. More...
RequestFlags httpFlags
 HTTP request flags. More...
String httpOrigin
 HTTP Origin: header (if any) More...
String actionName
 action name (and credentials realm) More...
String userName
 user login name; currently only used for logging More...
String password
 user password; used for acceptance check and cleared More...
QueryParams queryParams

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file ActionParams.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ActionParams() [1/2]

Mgr::ActionParams::ActionParams ( )

Definition at line 17 of file

◆ ActionParams() [2/2]

Member Function Documentation

◆ pack()

Member Data Documentation

◆ actionName

String Mgr::ActionParams::actionName

◆ httpFlags

RequestFlags Mgr::ActionParams::httpFlags

◆ httpMethod

HttpRequestMethod Mgr::ActionParams::httpMethod

◆ httpOrigin

String Mgr::ActionParams::httpOrigin

Definition at line 36 of file ActionParams.h.

Referenced by ActionParams(), Mgr::Action::fillEntry(), and pack().

◆ httpUri

String Mgr::ActionParams::httpUri

Definition at line 33 of file ActionParams.h.

Referenced by ActionParams(), Mgr::Action::createStoreEntry(), and pack().

◆ password

String Mgr::ActionParams::password

◆ queryParams

QueryParams Mgr::ActionParams::queryParams

Definition at line 42 of file ActionParams.h.

Referenced by ActionParams(), and pack().

◆ userName

String Mgr::ActionParams::userName

Definition at line 40 of file ActionParams.h.

Referenced by ActionParams(), pack(), and CacheManager::ParseHeaders().

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