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Public Member Functions

 MimeEntry (const char *aPattern, const regex_t &compiledPattern, const char *aContentType, const char *aContentEncoding, const char *aTransferMode, bool optionViewEnable, bool optionDownloadEnable, const char *anIconName)
 ~MimeEntry ()

Public Attributes

const char * pattern
regex_t compiled_pattern
const char * content_type
const char * content_encoding
char transfer_mode
bool view_option
bool download_option
MimeIcon theIcon

Private Member Functions


Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MimeEntry()

MimeEntry::MimeEntry ( const char *  aPattern,
const regex_t compiledPattern,
const char *  aContentType,
const char *  aContentEncoding,
const char *  aTransferMode,
bool  optionViewEnable,
bool  optionDownloadEnable,
const char *  anIconName 

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References transfer_mode.

◆ ~MimeEntry()

MimeEntry::~MimeEntry ( )

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References compiled_pattern, content_encoding, content_type, pattern, regfree(), and xfree.

Member Function Documentation


MimeEntry::MEMPROXY_CLASS ( MimeEntry  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ compiled_pattern

regex_t MimeEntry::compiled_pattern

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Referenced by ~MimeEntry(), and mimeGetEntry().

◆ content_encoding

const char* MimeEntry::content_encoding

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Referenced by ~MimeEntry(), mimeGetContentEncoding(), and mimeGetEntry().

◆ content_type

const char* MimeEntry::content_type

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Referenced by ~MimeEntry(), mimeGetContentType(), and mimeGetEntry().

◆ download_option

bool MimeEntry::download_option

Definition at line 75 of file

Referenced by mimeGetDownloadOption().

◆ next

MimeEntry* MimeEntry::next

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Referenced by mimeFreeMemory(), mimeGetEntry(), and mimeInit().

◆ pattern

const char* MimeEntry::pattern

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Referenced by ~MimeEntry().

◆ theIcon

MimeIcon MimeEntry::theIcon

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Referenced by mimeGetIcon(), and mimeInit().

◆ transfer_mode

char MimeEntry::transfer_mode

Definition at line 73 of file

Referenced by MimeEntry(), and mimeGetTransferMode().

◆ view_option

bool MimeEntry::view_option

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Referenced by mimeGetViewOption().

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