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Public Member Functions

void * operator new (size_t byteCount)
void operator delete (void *address)
 MimeIcon (const char *aName)
 ~MimeIcon ()
void setName (char const *)
SBuf getName () const
void load ()
virtual void created (StoreEntry *)
virtual void fillChecklist (ACLFilledChecklist &) const
 configure the ACL checklist with the current transaction state More...

Static Public Member Functions

static int UseCount ()

Protected Member Functions

bool mayInitiateCollapsing () const
 whether Squid configuration allows us to become a CF initiator More...
bool mayCollapseOn (const StoreEntry &initiatorEntry) const
 whether Squid configuration allows collapsing on the initiatorEntry More...
bool onCollapsingPath () const
 whether Squid configuration allows collapsing for this transaction More...

Static Private Member Functions

static Mem::AllocatorProxyPool ()

Private Attributes

SBuf icon_
char * url_

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MimeIcon::MimeIcon ( const char *  aName)

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References setName().

MimeIcon::~MimeIcon ( )

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References url_, and xfree.

Member Function Documentation

void MimeIcon::fillChecklist ( ACLFilledChecklist checklist) const

Implements StoreClient.

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References assert.

SBuf MimeIcon::getName ( ) const

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References icon_.

Referenced by mimeGetIcon().

void MimeIcon::load ( )

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References SBuf::c_str(), fatal(), StoreEntry::getPublic(), icon_, Http::METHOD_GET, mimeGetContentType(), NULL, type, and url_.

Referenced by mimeInit().

bool StoreClient::mayCollapseOn ( const StoreEntry initiatorEntry) const
bool StoreClient::mayInitiateCollapsing ( ) const
void MimeIcon::operator delete ( void *  address)

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void* MimeIcon::operator new ( size_t  byteCount)

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static Mem::AllocatorProxy& MimeIcon::Pool ( )

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void MimeIcon::setName ( char const *  aString)

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References icon_, internalLocalUri(), url_, xfree, and xstrdup.

Referenced by MimeIcon().

static int MimeIcon::UseCount ( )

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Member Data Documentation

SBuf MimeIcon::icon_

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Referenced by created(), getName(), load(), and setName().

char* MimeIcon::url_

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Referenced by created(), load(), setName(), and ~MimeIcon().

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