Security::NegotiationHistory Class Reference

#include <NegotiationHistory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NegotiationHistory ()
void retrieveNegotiatedInfo (const Security::SessionPointer &)
 Extract negotiation information from TLS object. More...
void retrieveParsedInfo (Security::TlsDetails::Pointer const &details)
 Extract information from parser stored in TlsDetails object. More...
const char * cipherName () const
const char * negotiatedVersion () const
 String representation of TLS negotiated version. More...
const char * helloVersion () const
 String representation of the received TLS hello message version. More...
const char * supportedVersion () const

Private Member Functions

const char * printTlsVersion (AnyP::ProtocolVersion const &v) const
 String representation of the TLS version 'v'. More...

Private Attributes

AnyP::ProtocolVersion helloVersion_
 The TLS version of the hello message. More...
AnyP::ProtocolVersion supportedVersion_
 The maximum supported TLS version. More...
AnyP::ProtocolVersion version_
 The negotiated TLS version. More...
const SSL_CIPHER * cipher
 The negotiated cipher. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file NegotiationHistory.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NegotiationHistory()

Security::NegotiationHistory::NegotiationHistory ( )

Definition at line 18 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ cipherName()

const char * Security::NegotiationHistory::cipherName ( ) const

The name of negotiated cipher

Definition at line 98 of file

References cipher.

Referenced by Format::Format::assemble(), and retrieveNegotiatedInfo().

◆ helloVersion()

const char* Security::NegotiationHistory::helloVersion ( ) const

Definition at line 33 of file NegotiationHistory.h.

References helloVersion_, and printTlsVersion().

Referenced by Format::Format::assemble().

◆ negotiatedVersion()

const char* Security::NegotiationHistory::negotiatedVersion ( ) const

Definition at line 31 of file NegotiationHistory.h.

Referenced by Format::Format::assemble().

◆ printTlsVersion()

const char * Security::NegotiationHistory::printTlsVersion ( AnyP::ProtocolVersion const &  v) const

◆ retrieveNegotiatedInfo()

void Security::NegotiationHistory::retrieveNegotiatedInfo ( const Security::SessionPointer session)

◆ retrieveParsedInfo()

void Security::NegotiationHistory::retrieveParsedInfo ( Security::TlsDetails::Pointer const &  details)

◆ supportedVersion()

const char* Security::NegotiationHistory::supportedVersion ( ) const

String representation of the maximum supported TLS version by remote peer

Definition at line 36 of file NegotiationHistory.h.

References printTlsVersion(), and supportedVersion_.

Referenced by Format::Format::assemble().

Member Data Documentation

◆ cipher

const SSL_CIPHER* Security::NegotiationHistory::cipher

Definition at line 44 of file NegotiationHistory.h.

Referenced by cipherName(), and retrieveNegotiatedInfo().

◆ helloVersion_

AnyP::ProtocolVersion Security::NegotiationHistory::helloVersion_

Definition at line 40 of file NegotiationHistory.h.

Referenced by helloVersion(), and retrieveParsedInfo().

◆ supportedVersion_

AnyP::ProtocolVersion Security::NegotiationHistory::supportedVersion_

Definition at line 41 of file NegotiationHistory.h.

Referenced by retrieveParsedInfo(), and supportedVersion().

◆ version_

AnyP::ProtocolVersion Security::NegotiationHistory::version_

Definition at line 42 of file NegotiationHistory.h.

Referenced by retrieveNegotiatedInfo().

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