StoreInfoStats::Swap Class Reference

disk cache (all cache_dirs) storage stats

#include <StoreStats.h>

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Public Member Functions

double meanObjectSize () const
 mean size of a cached object More...
double available () const
 number of unused bytes More...

Public Attributes

double open_disk_fd
 number of opened disk files More...
double size
 bytes currently in use More...
double count
 number of cached objects More...
double capacity
 the size limit More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file StoreStats.h.

Member Function Documentation

double StoreInfoStats::Part::available ( ) const

Definition at line 28 of file StoreStats.h.

References StoreInfoStats::Part::capacity, and StoreInfoStats::Part::size.

Referenced by DumpInfo().

double StoreInfoStats::Part::meanObjectSize ( ) const

Definition at line 25 of file StoreStats.h.

References StoreInfoStats::Part::count, and StoreInfoStats::Part::size.

Referenced by DumpInfo().

Member Data Documentation

double StoreInfoStats::Swap::open_disk_fd

Definition at line 35 of file StoreStats.h.

Referenced by DumpInfo(), Store::Disks::getStats(), and StoreInfoStats::operator+=().

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