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Public Types

using EarlyMessages = std::unique_ptr< CompiledDebugMessages >

Public Member Functions

 SyslogChannel ()
void markOpened ()
bool collectingEarlyMessages () const
 whether we are still expecting (and buffering) early messages More...
void stopEarlyMessageCollection ()
 end early message buffering, logging any saved messages More...
EarlyMessages releaseEarlyMessages ()
void log (const DebugMessageHeader &, const CompiledDebugMessageBody &)

Protected Member Functions

bool shouldWrite (const DebugMessageHeader &) const final
void write (const DebugMessageHeader &, const CompiledDebugMessageBody &) final
 write the corresponding debugs() message into the channel More...
void saveMessage (const DebugMessageHeader &, const CompiledDebugMessageBody &)
 stores the given early message (if possible) or forgets it (otherwise) More...
void writeToStream (FILE &, const DebugMessageHeader &, const CompiledDebugMessageBody &)
 Formats a validated debugs() record and writes it to the given FILE. More...
void noteWritten (const DebugMessageHeader &)
 reacts to a written a debugs() message More...

Static Protected Member Functions

static void StopSavingAndLog (DebugChannel &, DebugChannel *=nullptr)
 stop saving and log() any "early" messages, in recordNumber order More...

Protected Attributes

const char *const name = nullptr
 unique channel label for debugging More...
DebugRecordCount written = 0
 the number of messages sent to the underlying channel so far More...
DebugRecordCount lastWrittenRecordNumber = 0
 DebugMessageHeader::recordNumber of the last message we wrote. More...
EarlyMessages earlyMessages

Private Attributes

bool opened = false
 whether openlog() was called More...

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ EarlyMessages

using DebugChannel::EarlyMessages = std::unique_ptr<CompiledDebugMessages>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SyslogChannel()

SyslogChannel::SyslogChannel ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ collectingEarlyMessages()

bool DebugChannel::collectingEarlyMessages ( ) const

Definition at line 159 of file

References DebugChannel::earlyMessages.

Referenced by DebugModule::prepareToDie().

◆ log()

void DebugChannel::log ( const DebugMessageHeader header,
const CompiledDebugMessageBody body 

Write the message to the channel if the channel accepts (such) messages. This writing may be delayed until the channel configuration is settled.

Definition at line 536 of file

References DebugChannel::lastWrittenRecordNumber, DebugMessageHeader::recordNumber, DebugChannel::saveMessage(), DebugChannel::shouldWrite(), DebugChannel::stopEarlyMessageCollection(), and DebugChannel::write().

Referenced by DebugModule::log().

◆ markOpened()

void SyslogChannel::markOpened ( )

Definition at line 280 of file

References opened.

Referenced by Debug::SettleSyslog().

◆ noteWritten()

void DebugChannel::noteWritten ( const DebugMessageHeader header)

◆ releaseEarlyMessages()

EarlyMessages DebugChannel::releaseEarlyMessages ( )

end early message buffering, without logging any saved messages

(a possibly empty container with) saved messages or nil

Definition at line 166 of file

References DebugChannel::earlyMessages.

Referenced by DebugChannel::StopSavingAndLog().

◆ saveMessage()

void DebugChannel::saveMessage ( const DebugMessageHeader header,
const CompiledDebugMessageBody body 

◆ shouldWrite()

bool SyslogChannel::shouldWrite ( const DebugMessageHeader ) const

whether we should write() the corresponding debugs() message now (assumes some higher-level code applied cache.log section/level filter)

Implements DebugChannel.

Definition at line 1070 of file

References assert, DBG_IMPORTANT, DebugMessageHeader::forceAlert, DebugMessageHeader::level, Debug::log_syslog, and opened.

◆ stopEarlyMessageCollection()

void DebugChannel::stopEarlyMessageCollection ( )

◆ StopSavingAndLog()

void DebugChannel::StopSavingAndLog ( DebugChannel channelA,
DebugChannel channelBOrNil = nullptr 

◆ write()

void SyslogChannel::write ( const DebugMessageHeader ,
const CompiledDebugMessageBody  

Implements DebugChannel.

Definition at line 1062 of file

References assert.

◆ writeToStream()

void DebugChannel::writeToStream ( FILE &  destination,
const DebugMessageHeader header,
const CompiledDebugMessageBody body 

Member Data Documentation

◆ earlyMessages

EarlyMessages DebugChannel::earlyMessages

debugs() messages waiting for the channel configuration to settle (and the channel to open) so that their eligibility for logging can be determined (and the messages can be actually written somewhere)

Definition at line 234 of file

Referenced by DebugChannel::collectingEarlyMessages(), DebugChannel::releaseEarlyMessages(), DebugChannel::saveMessage(), and DebugChannel::stopEarlyMessageCollection().

◆ lastWrittenRecordNumber

DebugRecordCount DebugChannel::lastWrittenRecordNumber = 0

Definition at line 229 of file

Referenced by DebugChannel::log(), and DebugChannel::noteWritten().

◆ name

const char* const DebugChannel::name = nullptr

Definition at line 223 of file

Referenced by DebugChannel::StopSavingAndLog().

◆ opened

bool SyslogChannel::opened = false

Definition at line 288 of file

Referenced by markOpened(), and shouldWrite().

◆ written

DebugRecordCount DebugChannel::written = 0

Definition at line 226 of file

Referenced by DebugChannel::noteWritten(), and DebugChannel::StopSavingAndLog().

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