client_db.h File Reference
#include "anyp/ProtocolType.h"
#include "ip/Address.h"
#include "LogTags.h"
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void clientdbUpdate (const Ip::Address &, const LogTags &, AnyP::ProtocolType, size_t)
int clientdbCutoffDenied (const Ip::Address &)
void clientdbDump (StoreEntry *)
void clientdbFreeMemory (void)
int clientdbEstablished (const Ip::Address &, int)
void clientdbSetWriteLimiter (ClientInfo *info, const int writeSpeedLimit, const double initialBurst, const double highWatermark)
ClientInfoclientdbGetInfo (const Ip::Address &addr)
Ip::Addressclient_entry (Ip::Address *current)

Function Documentation

Ip::Address* client_entry ( Ip::Address current)
int clientdbEstablished ( const Ip::Address addr,
int  delta 

This function tracks the number of currently established connections for a client IP address. When a connection is accepted, call this with delta = 1. When the connection is closed, call with delta = -1. To get the current value, simply call with delta = 0.

Definition at line 183 of file

References SquidConfig::client_db, clientdbAdd(), Config, debug_trap(), hash_lookup(), MAX_IPSTRLEN, ClientInfo::n_established, NULL, SquidConfig::onoff, and Ip::Address::toStr().

Referenced by ACLMaxConnection::match(), Comm::TcpAcceptor::oldAccept(), ConnStateData::swanSong(), and ConnStateData::whenClientIpKnown().

void clientdbFreeMemory ( void  )

Definition at line 351 of file

References clientdbFreeItem, hashFreeItems(), hashFreeMemory(), and NULL.

Referenced by SquidShutdown().

void clientdbSetWriteLimiter ( ClientInfo info,
const int  writeSpeedLimit,
const double  initialBurst,
const double  highWatermark 






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