event.cc File Reference
#include "squid.h"
#include "event.h"
#include "mgr/Registration.h"
#include "Store.h"
#include "tools.h"
#include <cmath>
#include <random>
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class  EventDialer


void eventAdd (const char *name, EVH *func, void *arg, double when, int weight, bool cbdata)
void eventAddIsh (const char *name, EVH *func, void *arg, double delta_ish, int weight)
void eventDelete (EVH *func, void *arg)
void eventInit (void)
static void eventDump (StoreEntry *sentry)
void eventFreeMemory (void)
int eventFind (EVH *func, void *arg)


static OBJH eventDump
static const char * last_event_ran = NULL

Function Documentation

◆ eventAdd()

void eventAdd ( const char *  name,
EVH func,
void *  arg,
double  when,
int  weight,
bool  cbdata 

Definition at line 107 of file event.cc.

Referenced by authenticateDigestNonceCacheCleanup(), authenticateDigestNonceSetup(), Rock::Rebuild::checkpoint(), Mem::CleanIdlePools(), clientdbAdd(), clientdbGC(), commPlanHalfClosedCheck(), Log::TcpLogger::connectDone(), TunnelStateData::copyRead(), IpcIoFile::DiskerHandleRequests(), SignalEngine::doShutdown(), eventAddIsh(), SignalEngine::FinalShutdownRunners(), fqdncache_purgelru(), idnsTickleQueue(), Fs::Ufs::UFSSwapDir::init(), DelayPools::InitDelayData(), Ipc::Inquirer::inquire(), ipcache_purgelru(), ClientInfo::kickQuotaQueue(), logfile_mod_daemon_open(), logfileFlushEvent(), mainInitialize(), mainReconfigureFinish(), mainReconfigureStart(), Store::Maintain(), IpcIoFile::open(), peerClearRRLoop(), peerCountMcastPeersCreateAndSend(), peerCountMcastPeersSchedule(), peerDigestSetCheck(), Fs::Ufs::UFSSwapDir::rebuild(), Comm::ConnOpener::retrySleep(), Auth::CredentialsCache::scheduleCleanup(), IpcIoFile::scheduleTimeoutCheck(), Adaptation::Icap::ServiceRep::scheduleUpdate(), Ipc::Forwarder::start(), start_announce(), HappyOrderEnforcer::startedWaiting(), Ipc::UdsSender::startSleep(), PeerSelectorPingMonitor::startWaiting(), statAvgTick(), statInit(), statObjects(), statObjectsStart(), storeCleanup(), storeDigestRebuildFinish(), storeDigestRebuildResume(), storeDigestRebuildStep(), storeDigestRewriteFinish(), storeDigestRewriteResume(), storeDigestSwapOutStep(), storeInit(), storeLateRelease(), storeRebuildComplete(), DelayPools::Update(), IpcIoFile::WaitBeforePop(), wccp2HandleUdp(), wccp2HereIam(), wccp2Init(), wccpHereIam(), and wccpInit().

◆ eventAddIsh()

void eventAddIsh ( const char *  name,
EVH func,
void *  arg,
double  delta_ish,
int  weight 

Definition at line 114 of file event.cc.

References eventAdd().

Referenced by netdbInit(), netdbSaveState(), peerDNSConfigure(), and peerRefreshDNS().

◆ eventDelete()

◆ eventDump()

static void eventDump ( StoreEntry sentry)

Definition at line 141 of file event.cc.

References EventScheduler::dump(), and EventScheduler::GetInstance().

◆ eventFind()

◆ eventFreeMemory()

void eventFreeMemory ( void  )

Definition at line 147 of file event.cc.

References EventScheduler::clean(), and EventScheduler::GetInstance().

Referenced by SquidShutdown().

◆ eventInit()

void eventInit ( void  )

Definition at line 135 of file event.cc.

References eventDump, and Mgr::RegisterAction().

Referenced by mainInitialize().

Variable Documentation

◆ eventDump

OBJH eventDump

Definition at line 22 of file event.cc.

Referenced by eventInit().

◆ last_event_ran

const char* last_event_ran = NULL

Definition at line 23 of file event.cc.

Referenced by EventScheduler::checkEvents(), and EventScheduler::dump().






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