globals.h File Reference
#include "CacheDigest.h"
#include "defines.h"
#include "hash.h"
#include "IoStats.h"
#include "rfc2181.h"
#include "sbuf/SBuf.h"
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char * ConfigFile
char * IcpOpcodeStr []
char tmp_error_buf [ERROR_BUF_SZ]
char ThisCache [RFC2181_MAXHOSTNAMELEN<< 1]
char ThisCache2 [RFC2181_MAXHOSTNAMELEN<< 1]
char config_input_line [BUFSIZ]
const char * cfg_directive
 During parsing, the name of the current squid.conf directive being parsed. More...
const char * cfg_filename
const char * dash_str
const char * null_string
const char * version_string
const char * appname_string
char const * visible_appname_string
const char * fdTypeStr []
const char * hier_strings []
const char * memStatusStr []
const char * pingStatusStr []
const char * storeStatusStr []
const char * swapStatusStr []
int Biggest_FD
int Number_FD
int Opening_FD
int NDnsServersAlloc
int Squid_MaxFD
int config_lineno
int opt_reuseaddr
int neighbors_do_private_keys
int opt_catch_signals
int opt_foreground
int opt_foreground_rebuild
char * opt_forwarded_for
int opt_reload_hit_only
int opt_udp_hit_obj
int opt_create_swap_dirs
int opt_store_doublecheck
int syslog_enable
int DnsSocketA
int DnsSocketB
int n_disk_objects
IoStats IOStats
struct timeval squid_start
int starting_up
int shutting_down
int reconfiguring
time_t hit_only_mode_until
double request_failure_ratio
int store_hash_buckets
int hot_obj_count
int CacheDigestHashFuncCount
const char * StoreDigestFileName
const char * StoreDigestMimeStr
const char * MultipartMsgBoundaryStr
int refresh_nocache_hack
int store_open_disk_fd
const char * SwapDirType []
int store_swap_low
int store_swap_high
size_t store_pages_max
int64_t store_maxobjsize
int incoming_sockets_accepted
int ssl_ex_index_server
int ssl_ctx_ex_index_dont_verify_domain
int ssl_ex_index_cert_error_check
int ssl_ex_index_ssl_error_detail
int ssl_ex_index_ssl_peeked_cert
int ssl_ex_index_ssl_errors
int ssl_ex_index_ssl_cert_chain
int ssl_ex_index_ssl_validation_counter
const char * external_acl_message
int opt_send_signal
int opt_no_daemon
int opt_parse_cfg_only
int KidIdentifier

Variable Documentation

◆ appname_string

const char* appname_string

Referenced by configDoConfigure().

◆ Biggest_FD

◆ CacheDigestHashFuncCount

int CacheDigestHashFuncCount

◆ cfg_directive

◆ cfg_filename

◆ config_input_line

◆ config_lineno

◆ ConfigFile

◆ dash_str

◆ DnsSocketA

◆ DnsSocketB

◆ external_acl_message

const char* external_acl_message

◆ fdTypeStr

const char* fdTypeStr[]

Definition at line 40 of file

Referenced by comm_poll_tcp_incoming(), fde::dumpStats(), and examine_select().

◆ hier_strings

const char* hier_strings[]

◆ hit_only_mode_until

time_t hit_only_mode_until

◆ hot_obj_count

◆ IcpOpcodeStr

char* IcpOpcodeStr[]

◆ incoming_sockets_accepted

◆ IOStats

◆ KidIdentifier

◆ memStatusStr

const char* memStatusStr[]
Convert these string constants to enum string-arrays generated

Definition at line 68 of file

Referenced by describeStatuses().

◆ MultipartMsgBoundaryStr

const char* MultipartMsgBoundaryStr

◆ n_disk_objects

int n_disk_objects

◆ NDnsServersAlloc

int NDnsServersAlloc

◆ neighbors_do_private_keys

◆ null_string

◆ Number_FD

◆ Opening_FD

◆ opt_catch_signals

◆ opt_create_swap_dirs

int opt_create_swap_dirs

◆ opt_foreground

int opt_foreground

◆ opt_foreground_rebuild

◆ opt_forwarded_for

char* opt_forwarded_for

◆ opt_no_daemon

◆ opt_parse_cfg_only

◆ opt_reload_hit_only

int opt_reload_hit_only

◆ opt_reuseaddr

int opt_reuseaddr

◆ opt_send_signal

◆ opt_store_doublecheck

◆ opt_udp_hit_obj

int opt_udp_hit_obj

◆ pingStatusStr

const char* pingStatusStr[]

Definition at line 73 of file

Referenced by describeStatuses().

◆ reconfiguring

◆ refresh_nocache_hack

◆ request_failure_ratio

double request_failure_ratio

Referenced by checkFailureRatio(), and GetInfo().


◆ shutting_down

◆ Squid_MaxFD

◆ squid_start

struct timeval squid_start

◆ ssl_ctx_ex_index_dont_verify_domain

int ssl_ctx_ex_index_dont_verify_domain

◆ ssl_ex_index_cert_error_check

◆ ssl_ex_index_server

◆ ssl_ex_index_ssl_cert_chain

int ssl_ex_index_ssl_cert_chain

◆ ssl_ex_index_ssl_error_detail

◆ ssl_ex_index_ssl_errors

◆ ssl_ex_index_ssl_peeked_cert

int ssl_ex_index_ssl_peeked_cert

◆ ssl_ex_index_ssl_validation_counter

int ssl_ex_index_ssl_validation_counter

Referenced by Ssl::Initialize(), and ssl_verify_cb().

◆ starting_up

◆ store_digest

◆ store_hash_buckets

◆ store_maxobjsize

◆ store_open_disk_fd

◆ store_pages_max

◆ store_swap_high

int store_swap_high

◆ store_swap_low

int store_swap_low

◆ store_table

◆ StoreDigestFileName

const char* StoreDigestFileName

◆ StoreDigestMimeStr

const char* StoreDigestMimeStr

Referenced by peerDigestRequest().

◆ storeStatusStr

const char* storeStatusStr[]

Definition at line 79 of file

Referenced by describeStatuses().

◆ SwapDirType

const char* SwapDirType[]

◆ swapStatusStr

const char* swapStatusStr[]

Definition at line 84 of file

Referenced by StoreEntry::attachToDisk(), and describeStatuses().

◆ syslog_enable

int syslog_enable

◆ ThisCache

char ThisCache[RFC2181_MAXHOSTNAMELEN<< 1]

◆ ThisCache2

◆ tmp_error_buf

char tmp_error_buf[ERROR_BUF_SZ]

Referenced by setSystemLimits().

◆ version_string

◆ visible_appname_string






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