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class  StoreSwapLogHeader

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When writing an object to disk, we must first write the meta data. This is done with a couple of functions. First, storeSwapMetaPack() takes a StoreEntry as a parameter and returns a tlv linked list. Second, storeSwapMetaPack() converts the tlv list into a character buffer that we can write.
MemObject has a MemObject::swap_hdr_sz. This value is the size of that character buffer; the size of the swap file meta data. The StoreEntry has a member StoreEntry::swap_file_sz that represents the size of the disk file. Thus, the size of the object "content" is
The swap file content includes the HTTP reply headers and the HTTP reply body (if any).
When reading a swap file, there is a similar process to extract the swap meta data. First, storeSwapMetaUnpack() converts a character buffer into a tlv linked list. It also tells us the value for MemObject->swap_hdr_sz.
uint64_t swap_file_sz
Definition: Store.h:218
size_t swap_hdr_sz
Definition: MemObject.h:203






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