mib.c File Reference
#include "squid.h"
#include "asn1.h"
#include "snmp.h"
#include "parse.h"
#include "snmp_api.h"
#include "snmp_impl.h"
#include "snmp_pdu.h"
#include "snmp_session.h"
#include "snmp_vars.h"
#include "util.h"
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static struct snmp_mib_treeget_symbol (oid *objid, int objidlen, struct snmp_mib_tree *subtree, char *buf)
void init_mib (char *file)
static struct snmp_mib_treefind_rfc1066_mib (struct snmp_mib_tree *root)
static int lc_cmp (const char *s1, const char *s2)
static int parse_subtree (struct snmp_mib_tree *subtree, char *input, oid *output, int *out_len)
int read_objid (char *input, oid *output, int *out_len)
void print_objid (oid *objid, int objidlen)
void sprint_objid (char *buf, oid *objid, int objidlen)
void print_oid_nums (oid *O, int len)


oid RFC1066_MIB [] = {1, 3, 6, 1, 2, 1}
unsigned char RFC1066_MIB_text [] = ".iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib"
struct snmp_mib_treeMib

Function Documentation

◆ find_rfc1066_mib()

static struct snmp_mib_tree * find_rfc1066_mib ( struct snmp_mib_tree root)

Definition at line 107 of file mib.c.

References snmp_mib_tree::child_list, snmp_mib_tree::next_peer, NULL, RFC1066_MIB, and snmp_mib_tree::subid.

Referenced by read_objid().

◆ get_symbol()

static struct snmp_mib_tree * get_symbol ( oid objid,
int  objidlen,
struct snmp_mib_tree subtree,
char *  buf 

◆ init_mib()

void init_mib ( char *  file)

Definition at line 97 of file mib.c.

References Mib, NULL, and read_mib().

◆ lc_cmp()

static int lc_cmp ( const char *  s1,
const char *  s2 

Definition at line 126 of file mib.c.

References s1, xisupper, and xtolower.

Referenced by parse_subtree().

◆ parse_subtree()

static int parse_subtree ( struct snmp_mib_tree subtree,
char *  input,
oid output,
int out_len 

◆ print_objid()

void print_objid ( oid objid,
int  objidlen 

Definition at line 264 of file mib.c.

References get_symbol(), Mib, and snmplib_debug().

◆ print_oid_nums()

void print_oid_nums ( oid O,
int  len 

Definition at line 329 of file mib.c.

◆ read_objid()

int read_objid ( char *  input,
oid output,
int out_len 

Definition at line 229 of file mib.c.

References find_rfc1066_mib(), Mib, NULL, parse_subtree(), RFC1066_MIB, and snmplib_debug().

◆ sprint_objid()

void sprint_objid ( char *  buf,
oid objid,
int  objidlen 

Definition at line 278 of file mib.c.

References get_symbol(), and Mib.

Variable Documentation

◆ Mib

struct snmp_mib_tree* Mib

Definition at line 94 of file mib.c.

Referenced by init_mib(), print_objid(), read_objid(), and sprint_objid().

◆ RFC1066_MIB

oid RFC1066_MIB[] = {1, 3, 6, 1, 2, 1}

Definition at line 92 of file mib.c.

Referenced by find_rfc1066_mib(), and read_objid().

◆ RFC1066_MIB_text

unsigned char RFC1066_MIB_text[] = ".iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib"

Definition at line 93 of file mib.c.






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