Adaptation::Ecap Namespace Reference


class  ServiceConfig
 eCAP service configuration More...
class  Config
 General eCAP configuration. More...
class  Host
class  HeaderRep
class  FirstLineRep
class  RequestLineRep
class  StatusLineRep
class  BodyRep
class  MessageRep
class  ConfigRep
 wraps Adaptation::Ecap::ServiceConfig to allow eCAP visitors More...
class  Engine
 manages async eCAP transactions More...
class  ServiceRep
class  XactionRep


void RegisterAdapterService (const ServiceRep::AdapterService &adapterService)
 register loaded eCAP module service More...
void UnregisterAdapterService (const String &serviceUri)
 unregister loaded eCAP module service by service uri More...
ServiceRep::AdapterService FindAdapterService (const String &serviceUri)
 returns loaded eCAP module service by service uri More...
void CheckUnusedAdapterServices (const Services &services)
 check for loaded eCAP services without matching ecap_service in squid.conf More...


Config TheConfig
const libecap::Name protocolInternal
const libecap::Name protocolCacheObj
const libecap::Name protocolIcp
const libecap::Name protocolIcy
const libecap::Name protocolUnknown
const libecap::Name protocolHtcp
const libecap::Name metaBypassable
 an ecap_service parameter More...

Function Documentation

void Adaptation::Ecap::CheckUnusedAdapterServices ( const Services &  services)

Definition at line 335 of file

References DBG_IMPORTANT, debugs, and TheServices.

Referenced by Adaptation::Ecap::Config::finalize().

Adaptation::Ecap::ServiceRep::AdapterService Adaptation::Ecap::FindAdapterService ( const String serviceUri)

Definition at line 305 of file

References Must, String::termedBuf(), and TheServices.

Referenced by Adaptation::Ecap::ServiceRep::finalize().

void Adaptation::Ecap::RegisterAdapterService ( const ServiceRep::AdapterService &  adapterService)

Definition at line 316 of file

References debugs, and TheServices.

Referenced by Adaptation::Ecap::Host::noteVersionedService().

void Adaptation::Ecap::UnregisterAdapterService ( const String serviceUri)

Definition at line 324 of file

References AsyncServices, debugs, String::termedBuf(), and TheServices.

Variable Documentation

const libecap::Name Adaptation::Ecap::metaBypassable
const libecap::Name Adaptation::Ecap::protocolCacheObj
const libecap::Name Adaptation::Ecap::protocolHtcp
const libecap::Name Adaptation::Ecap::protocolIcp
const libecap::Name Adaptation::Ecap::protocolIcy
const libecap::Name Adaptation::Ecap::protocolInternal
const libecap::Name Adaptation::Ecap::protocolUnknown






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