Math Namespace Reference


int intPercent (const int a, const int b)
int64_t int64Percent (const int64_t a, const int64_t b)
double doublePercent (const double, const double)
int intAverage (const int, const int, int, const int)
double doubleAverage (const double, const double, int, const int)


hbase_f Log
hbase_f Exp
hbase_f Null

Function Documentation

double Math::doubleAverage ( const double  cur,
const double  newD,
int  N,
const int  max 

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References max().

Referenced by peerCountMcastPeersDone().

int64_t Math::int64Percent ( const int64_t  a,
const int64_t  b 

Definition at line 19 of file

int Math::intAverage ( const int  cur,
const int  newI,
int  n,
const int  max 
int Math::intPercent ( const int  a,
const int  b 

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References int.

Referenced by clientdbDump(), dump_peers(), dumpMallocStats(), and Fs::Ufs::UFSSwapDir::statfs().

Variable Documentation

double Math::Exp

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Referenced by StatHist::logInit().

double Math::Log

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Referenced by StatHist::logInit().

double Math::Null

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Referenced by StatHist::enumInit().






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