smb-errors.c File Reference
#include "squid.h"
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struct  err_code_struct


int SMB_Get_SMB_Error_Msg (int err_class, int err_code, char *msg_buf, int len)


err_code_struct dos_msgs []
err_code_struct server_msgs []
err_code_struct hard_msgs []
struct {
   int   code
   char *   class
   err_code_struct *   err_msgs
err_classes []

Function Documentation

◆ SMB_Get_SMB_Error_Msg()

int SMB_Get_SMB_Error_Msg ( int  err_class,
int  err_code,
char *  msg_buf,
int  len 

Definition at line 163 of file smb-errors.c.

References code, err_classes, err_msgs, and err_code_struct::name.

Referenced by main().

Variable Documentation

◆ class

char* class

Definition at line 146 of file smb-errors.c.

◆ code

◆ dos_msgs

err_code_struct dos_msgs[]

Definition at line 48 of file smb-errors.c.


struct { ... } err_classes[]
Initial value:
= {
err_code_struct hard_msgs[]
Definition: smb-errors.c:121
err_code_struct server_msgs[]
Definition: smb-errors.c:83
err_code_struct dos_msgs[]
Definition: smb-errors.c:48
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:145

Referenced by SMB_Get_SMB_Error_Msg().

◆ err_msgs

err_code_struct* err_msgs

Definition at line 147 of file smb-errors.c.

Referenced by SMB_Get_SMB_Error_Msg().

◆ hard_msgs

err_code_struct hard_msgs[]
Initial value:
= {
{"ERRnowrite",19,"Attempt to write on write-protected diskette."},
{"ERRbadunit",20,"Unknown unit."},
{"ERRnotready",21,"Drive not ready."},
{"ERRbadcmd",22,"Unknown command."},
{"ERRdata",23,"Data error (CRC)."},
{"ERRbadreq",24,"Bad request structure length."},
{"ERRseek",25,"Seek error."},
{"ERRbadmedia",26,"Unknown media type."},
{"ERRbadsector",27,"Sector not found."},
{"ERRnopaper",28,"Printer out of paper."},
{"ERRwrite",29,"Write fault."},
{"ERRread",30,"Read fault."},
{"ERRgeneral",31,"General failure."},
{"ERRbadshare",32,"A open conflicts with an existing open."},
{"ERRlock",33,"A Lock request conflicted with an existing lock or specified an invalid mode, or an Unlock requested attempted to remove a lock held by another process."},
{"ERRwrongdisk",34,"The wrong disk was found in a drive."},
{"ERRFCBUnavail",35,"No FCBs are available to process request."},
{"ERRsharebufexc",36,"A sharing buffer has been exceeded."},
{"ERRdiskfull",39,"The disk is full."},

Definition at line 121 of file smb-errors.c.

◆ server_msgs

err_code_struct server_msgs[]

Definition at line 83 of file smb-errors.c.






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