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Public Member Functions

 REList (const char *what, bool doCase)
 ~REList ()
bool match (const char *check) const

Public Attributes

const char * data
regex_t rexp

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

REList::REList ( const char *  what,
bool  doCase 

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References REG_EXTENDED, REG_ICASE, REG_NOSUB, regcomp(), regerror(), and rexp.

REList::~REList ( )

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References data, next, regfree(), rexp, and xfree.

Member Function Documentation

bool REList::match ( const char *  check) const

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References data, REG_NOMATCH, regerror(), regexec(), and rexp.

Referenced by match().

Member Data Documentation

const char* REList::data

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Referenced by match(), parseCommandline(), and ~REList().

REList* REList::next

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Referenced by match(), parseCommandline(), and ~REList().

regex_t REList::rexp

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Referenced by match(), REList(), and ~REList().

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