fde::_fde_flags Struct Reference

#include <fde.h>

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Public Attributes

bool open = false
bool close_request = false
 true if file_ or comm_close has been called More...
bool write_daemon = false
bool socket_eof = false
bool nolinger = false
bool nonblocking = false
bool ipc = false
bool called_connect = false
bool nodelay = false
bool close_on_exec = false
bool read_pending = false
bool transparent = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 95 of file fde.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ called_connect

bool fde::_fde_flags::called_connect = false

Definition at line 103 of file fde.h.

Referenced by comm_connect_addr().

◆ close_on_exec

bool fde::_fde_flags::close_on_exec = false

Definition at line 105 of file fde.h.

◆ close_request

bool fde::_fde_flags::close_request = false

Definition at line 97 of file fde.h.

Referenced by _comm_close(), diskHandleWrite(), and file_close().

◆ ipc

bool fde::_fde_flags::ipc = false

Definition at line 102 of file fde.h.

Referenced by commCloseAllSockets().

◆ nodelay

bool fde::_fde_flags::nodelay = false

Definition at line 104 of file fde.h.

◆ nolinger

bool fde::_fde_flags::nolinger = false

Definition at line 100 of file fde.h.

◆ nonblocking

bool fde::_fde_flags::nonblocking = false

Definition at line 101 of file fde.h.

◆ open

◆ read_pending

bool fde::_fde_flags::read_pending = false

◆ socket_eof

bool fde::_fde_flags::socket_eof = false

Definition at line 99 of file fde.h.

◆ transparent

bool fde::_fde_flags::transparent = false

Definition at line 108 of file fde.h.

Referenced by Comm::TcpAcceptor::oldAccept().

◆ write_daemon

bool fde::_fde_flags::write_daemon = false

Definition at line 98 of file fde.h.

Referenced by diskHandleWrite(), file_close(), and file_write().

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