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2 * Copyright (C) 1996-2023 The Squid Software Foundation and contributors
3 *
4 * Squid software is distributed under GPLv2+ license and includes
5 * contributions from numerous individuals and organizations.
6 * Please see the COPYING and CONTRIBUTORS files for details.
7 */
9#include "squid.h"
10#include "ETag.h"
11#include "TimeOrTag.h"
13#define STUB_API ""
14#include "tests/STUB.h"
16#include "HttpHeader.h"
19HttpHeaderEntry *HttpHeaderEntry::parse(const char *, const char *, const http_hdr_owner_type) STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
20HttpHeaderEntry *HttpHeaderEntry::clone() const STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
21void HttpHeaderEntry::packInto(Packable *) const STUB
22int HttpHeaderEntry::getInt() const STUB_RETVAL(0)
23int64_t HttpHeaderEntry::getInt64() const STUB_RETVAL(0)
28void HttpHeader::clean() STUB
29void HttpHeader::append(const HttpHeader *) STUB
30void HttpHeader::update(const HttpHeader *) STUB
31void HttpHeader::compact() STUB
32int HttpHeader::parse(const char *, size_t, Http::ContentLengthInterpreter &) STUB_RETVAL(-1)
33int HttpHeader::parse(const char *, size_t, bool, size_t &, Http::ContentLengthInterpreter &) STUB_RETVAL(-1)
34void HttpHeader::packInto(Packable *, bool) const STUB
35HttpHeaderEntry *HttpHeader::getEntry(HttpHeaderPos *) const STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
36HttpHeaderEntry *HttpHeader::findEntry(Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
37int HttpHeader::delByName(const SBuf &) STUB_RETVAL(0)
38int HttpHeader::delById(Http::HdrType) STUB_RETVAL(0)
39void HttpHeader::delAt(HttpHeaderPos, int &) STUB
40void HttpHeader::refreshMask() STUB
41void HttpHeader::addEntry(HttpHeaderEntry *) STUB
43bool HttpHeader::getList(Http::HdrType, String *) const STUB_RETVAL(false)
44String HttpHeader::getStrOrList(Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(String())
45String HttpHeader::getByName(const SBuf &) const STUB_RETVAL(String())
46String HttpHeader::getByName(const char *) const STUB_RETVAL(String())
48bool HttpHeader::getByIdIfPresent(Http::HdrType, String *) const STUB_RETVAL(false)
49bool HttpHeader::hasNamed(const SBuf &, String *) const STUB_RETVAL(false)
50bool HttpHeader::hasNamed(const char *, unsigned int, String *) const STUB_RETVAL(false)
51SBuf HttpHeader::getByNameListMember(const char *, const char *, const char) const STUB_RETVAL(SBuf())
52SBuf HttpHeader::getListMember(Http::HdrType, const char *, const char) const STUB_RETVAL(SBuf())
53int HttpHeader::has(Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(0)
54void HttpHeader::addVia(const AnyP::ProtocolVersion &, const HttpHeader *) STUB
55void HttpHeader::putInt(Http::HdrType, int) STUB
56void HttpHeader::putInt64(Http::HdrType, int64_t ) STUB
57void HttpHeader::putTime(Http::HdrType, time_t) STUB
58void HttpHeader::putStr(Http::HdrType, const char *) STUB
59void HttpHeader::putAuth(const char *, const char *) STUB
60void HttpHeader::putCc(const HttpHdrCc &) STUB
61void HttpHeader::putContRange(const HttpHdrContRange *) STUB
62void HttpHeader::putRange(const HttpHdrRange *) STUB
63void HttpHeader::putSc(HttpHdrSc *) STUB
64void HttpHeader::putExt(const char *, const char *) STUB
65void HttpHeader::updateOrAddStr(Http::HdrType, const SBuf &) STUB
66int HttpHeader::getInt(Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(0)
67int64_t HttpHeader::getInt64(Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(0)
68time_t HttpHeader::getTime(Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(0)
69const char *HttpHeader::getStr(Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
70const char *HttpHeader::getLastStr(Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
71HttpHdrCc *HttpHeader::getCc() const STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
72HttpHdrRange *HttpHeader::getRange() const STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
73HttpHdrSc *HttpHeader::getSc() const STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
74HttpHdrContRange *HttpHeader::getContRange() const STUB_RETVAL(nullptr)
75SBuf HttpHeader::getAuthToken(Http::HdrType, const char *) const STUB_RETVAL(SBuf())
76ETag HttpHeader::getETag(Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(ETag())
78int HttpHeader::hasListMember(Http::HdrType, const char *, const char) const STUB_RETVAL(0)
79int HttpHeader::hasByNameListMember(const char *, const char *, const char) const STUB_RETVAL(0)
80void HttpHeader::removeHopByHopEntries() STUB
81void HttpHeader::removeConnectionHeaderEntries() STUB
82bool HttpHeader::Isolate(const char **, size_t, const char **, const char **) STUB_RETVAL(false)
83bool HttpHeader::needUpdate(const HttpHeader *) const STUB_RETVAL(false)
84bool HttpHeader::skipUpdateHeader(const Http::HdrType) const STUB_RETVAL(false)
85int httpHeaderParseQuotedString(const char *, const int, String *) STUB_RETVAL(-1)
86SBuf Http::SlowlyParseQuotedString(const char *, const char *, size_t) STUB_RETVAL(SBuf())
char HttpHeaderMask[12]
void httpHeaderInitModule(void)
SBuf httpHeaderQuoteString(const char *raw)
quotes string using RFC 7230 quoted-string rules
Definition: HttpHeader.h:31
void httpHeaderCalcMask(HttpHeaderMask *mask, Http::HdrType http_hdr_type_enums[], size_t count)
ssize_t HttpHeaderPos
Definition: HttpHeader.h:45
int httpHeaderParseQuotedString(const char *start, const int len, String *val)
#define STUB
macro to stub a void function.
Definition: STUB.h:33
#define STUB_RETVAL(x)
Definition: STUB.h:41
SBuf getListMember(const String &list, const char *key, const char delimiter)
Definition: ETag.h:18
static HttpHeaderEntry * parse(const char *field_start, const char *field_end, const http_hdr_owner_type msgType)
HttpHeaderEntry(Http::HdrType id, const SBuf &name, const char *value)
HttpHeader(const http_hdr_owner_type owner)
HttpHeader & operator=(const HttpHeader &other)
Definition: SBuf.h:94
Definition: forward.h:15
AnyP::ProtocolVersion ProtocolVersion()
Protocol version to use in Http::Message structures wrapping FTP messages.
Definition: forward.h:18
SBuf SlowlyParseQuotedString(const char *description, const char *start, size_t length)
static struct node * parse(FILE *fp)
Definition: parse.c:965






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