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#include "squid.h"
#include "cbdata.h"
#include "tests/STUB.h"
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#define STUB_API   ""


void cbdataRegisterWithCacheManager (void) STUB void *cbdataInternalAlloc(cbdata_type
void const char int sz return xcalloc (1, sz)
void * cbdataInternalFree (void *p, const char *, int)
void cbdataInternalLock (const void *) STUB void cbdataInternalUnlock(const void *) STUB int cbdataInternalReferenceDoneValid(void **
void void ** STUB_RETVAL (0) int cbdataReferenceValid(const void *) STUB_RETVAL(0) cbdata_type cbdataInternalAddType(cbdata_type

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#define STUB_API   ""

Definition at line 12 of file

Function Documentation

void* cbdataInternalFree ( void *  p,
const char *  ,

Frees a entry allocated by cbdataInternalAlloc().

Once this has been called cbdataReferenceValid() and cbdataReferenceValidDone() will return false regardless of whether there are remaining cbdata references.

cbdataReferenceDone() must still be called for any active references to the cbdata entry. The cbdata entry will be freed only when the last reference is removed.

For internal CBDATA use only.

Definition at line 19 of file

References assert, cbdataRealFree(), cbdata::check(), debugs, cbdata::locks, NULL, cbdata::valid, and xfree.

void cbdataInternalLock ( const void *  ) const
void cbdataRegisterWithCacheManager ( void  )

Create a run-time registration of CBDATA component with the Squid cachemgr

Definition at line 210 of file

References Mgr::RegisterAction().

int const char int const char int const char int STUB_RETVAL ( ) const

Definition at line 92 of file

References CBDATA_CLASS_INIT, Log::TcpLogger::Open(), and STUB_RETVAL.

void const char int sz return xcalloc ( ,






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