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bool xstrtoul (const char *s, char **end, unsigned long *value, unsigned long min, unsigned long max)
bool xstrtoui (const char *s, char **end, unsigned int *value, unsigned int min, unsigned int max)

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◆ xstrtoui()

bool xstrtoui ( const char *  s,
char **  end,
unsigned int value,
unsigned int  min,
unsigned int  max 

Definition at line 86 of file xstrto.cc.

References max(), min(), and xstrtoul().

Referenced by parse_acl_tos(), Ip::Qos::Config::parseConfigLine(), and process_options().

◆ xstrtoul()

bool xstrtoul ( const char *  s,
char **  end,
unsigned long *  value,
unsigned long  min,
unsigned long  max 

xstrtou{i,l} - string to number conversion

sinput string
endlike strtoul's "end" pointer
valuepointer for result. Undefined on failure
minminimum accepted value
maxmaximum accepted value

If @end is nullptr, we assume the caller wants a "strict strtoul", and hence "15a" is rejected. In either case, the value obtained is compared for min-max compliance. Base is always 0, i.e. autodetect depending on @s.

true/false whether number was accepted. On failure, *value has undefined contents.

Definition at line 61 of file xstrto.cc.

References max(), and min().

Referenced by xstrtoui().






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