Squid configuration directive cache_effective_group

Available in: 4   3.5   3.4   3.3   3.2   2.7   3.1   3.0   2.6  

This directive is not available in the 3.3 version of Squid.

For older versions than 3.3 see the linked pages above

Configuration Details:

Option Name:cache_effective_group
Default Value:Use system group memberships of the cache_effective_user account
Suggested Config:

	Squid sets the GID to the effective user's default group ID
	(taken from the password file) and supplementary group list
	from the groups membership.

	If you want Squid to run with a specific GID regardless of
	the group memberships of the effective user then set this
	to the group (or GID) you want Squid to run as. When set
	all other group privileges of the effective user are ignored
	and only this GID is effective. If Squid is not started as
	root the user starting Squid MUST be member of the specified

	This option is not recommended by the Squid Team.
	Our preference is for administrators to configure a secure
	user account for squid with UID/GID matching system policies.








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