Squid configuration directive chunked_request_body_max_size

Available in: 3.4   3.3   3.2   3.1   3.0  

This directive is not available in the 4 version of Squid.

For older versions than 3.3 see the linked pages above

Configuration Details:

Option Name:chunked_request_body_max_size
Default Value:chunked_request_body_max_size 64 KB
Suggested Config:

	A broken or confused HTTP/1.1 client may send a chunked HTTP
	request to Squid. Squid does not have full support for that
	feature yet. To cope with such requests, Squid buffers the
	entire request and then dechunks request body to create a
	plain HTTP/1.0 request with a known content length. The plain
	request is then used by the rest of Squid code as usual.

	The option value specifies the maximum size of the buffer used
	to hold the request before the conversion. If the chunked
	request size exceeds the specified limit, the conversion
	fails, and the client receives an "unsupported request" error,
	as if dechunking was disabled.

	Dechunking is enabled by default. To disable conversion of
	chunked requests, set the maximum to zero.

	Request dechunking feature and this option in particular are a
	temporary hack. When chunking requests and responses are fully
	supported, there will be no need to buffer a chunked request.








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