Squid configuration directive never_direct

Available in: v7   v6   v5   v4   3.5   3.4   3.3   3.2   2.7   3.1   3.0   2.6  

For older versions than v4 see the linked pages above

Configuration Details:

Option Name:never_direct
Default Value:Allow DNS results to be used for this request.
Suggested Config:

	Usage: never_direct allow|deny [!]aclname ...

	never_direct is the opposite of always_direct.  Please read
	the description for always_direct if you have not already.

	With 'never_direct' you can use ACL elements to specify
	requests which should NEVER be forwarded directly to origin
	servers.  For example, to force the use of a proxy for all
	requests, except those in your local domain use something like:

		acl local-servers dstdomain .foo.net
		never_direct deny local-servers
		never_direct allow all

	or if Squid is inside a firewall and there are local intranet
	servers inside the firewall use something like:

		acl local-intranet dstdomain .foo.net
		acl local-external dstdomain external.foo.net
		always_direct deny local-external
		always_direct allow local-intranet
		never_direct allow all

	This clause supports both fast and slow acl types.
	See https://wiki.squid-cache.org/SquidFaq/SquidAcl for details.








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