Squid Board Meeting #14,

Meeting summary

  1. Meeting opened
    1. Meeting started by Henrik at 05:05:02 UTC.

  2. People present.
    1. Henrik Nordstrom
    2. Alex Rousskov
    3. Amos Jeffries
    4. Francesco Chemolli

  3. Selection of meeting officials
    1. AGREED: chair: Henrik, scribe: bot, minutes preparation: Amos, proofreading: Alex and Francesco

  4. Agenda bashing and approval
    1. AGREED: agenda approved without changes

  5. Last meeting minutes approval
    1. apologies from Amos. minutes of last meeting not completed.

  6. Review of action points from last meeting
    1. all previous meeting minutes up to #12 have been published
    2. Amos and Pieter now have administrative control of Nabble Squid-Cache group.
    3. Nabble squid-announce forum now restricted to members only and spam removed
    4. Review of Foundation history document completed as of now.
    5. ACTION: Amos to apply comments from Alex on foundation history document and then publish the document
    6. AGREED: Published assessments may be anonymized by the submitter to hide developer emails and similar personal information, but the original submission to the Squid Project needs to include all the details necessary for validation purposes (e.g., emails used for mailing list posting points). The original submission may only be shared with the Board and other submitters (for validation of the submitted points).
    7. support Amos in tracking down nabble contacts - done 2014-06-08
    8. AGREED: the proposed assessment points weights used by Alex is good.
    9. all other action points still outstanding

  7. Next meeting scheduling
    1. AGREED: Next meeting 05:00 2014-09-20 UTC

  8. Open Floor
    1. Outsourcing http://www.squid-cache.org/mail-archive/ ?
    2. AGREED: make Nabble an official interface for our mailing lists, adding them after the posting address.
  9. Meeting closed
    1. Meeting ended at 07:04:57 UTC

Action items

  1. Amos
    1. Amos to apply comments from Alex on foundation history document and then publish the document






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