Squid Board Meeting #15,
2014-09-20 05:00 UTC

Meeting summary

  1. Meeting opened
    1. Meeting started by Amos at 05:02:42 UTC.

  2. People present.
    1. Henrik Nordstrom
    2. Alex Rousskov
    3. Amos Jeffries
    4. Francesco Chemolli

  3. Selection of meeting officials
    1. AGREED: chair: Amos, minutes preparation: Francesco, proofreading: Henrik and Alex

  4. Agenda bashing and approval
    1. AGREED: add "Lessons to learn from the server disaster" to the agenda
    2. AGREED: agenda accepted with additions

  5. Last meeting minutes approval
    1. minutes for meetings #13 and #14 circulated to board@
    2. ACTION: Amos to publish minutes of meeting #13
    3. ACTION: Amos to publish minutes of meeting #14 with requested clarification

  6. Review of action points from last meeting
    1. Amos to followup with sysadmin on possible next tasks - ongoing.
    2. sysadmin to create map of services to machines at /SysAdmin/ServicesMap - in progress
    3. all other action points not yet done

  7. Replacement server
    1. AGREED: master to run in virtual machine.
    2. votes: 3 for, 1 abstain
    3. AGREED: migrate to VM off west, do not do anything to the current hardware at west, and revaluate in meeting after migration
    4. votes: 3 for, 1 abstain

  8. Mailing list software
    1. AGREED: migrate lists to subdomain lists.squid-cache.org
    2. AGREED: accept sysadmin proposal for using mailman list software
    3. votes, 3 yes, 1 abstain

  9. Lessons to learn from the server disaster.
    1. Various possible reasons for the server disaster have been discussed. No clear consensus on what the primary/core reasons were, but the lack of sysadmin management could have been one of them.
    2. AGREED: Francesco to become a Systems Architect for the Squid Project, with such primary responsibilities as designing Project software/hardware systems and coordinating their implementation.

  10. Timeline for support points / support services publication
    1. AGREED: Alex will post an anonymized SupportPoints document, and Henrik will post the email that will go to all the current SupportServices listing owners. Once that is done, and we are all happy with both documents, and the server is working, we can actually send Henrik's email to everybody on that page
    2. Henrik completed action point "update and circulate draft of service status renewal mail"
  11. Next meeting scheduling
    1. AGREED: Next meeting 2014-10-18 with 2014-10-25 as backup.

  12. Open floor
    1. nothing in Open Floor today
  13. Meeting closed
    1. Meeting ended at 08:41:06 UTC.

Action items

  1. Amos
    1. Amos to publish minutes of meeting #13.
    2. Amos to publish minutes of meeting #14 with requested clarification






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