Squid: Related Software

This page lists third-party software which is related to or can be integrated with Squid proxy.

For software tools which are packaged by the Squid Project see the helper manuals.



htpasswd 403 Forbidden
The htpasswd.c program, from NCSA httpd, can be used to manage a password file for Squid when using the NCSA authenticator. You can also download the manual page (troff source). Pedro L Orso has adapted the source into a CGI script (chpasswd-cgi.tar.gz) that enables your users to change their own passwords.
IMAP4 authenticator for Squid   Basic authentication helper allows users of the Squid Web cache proxy to authenticate against an IMAP4 server. Written in Perl by Robert M. Kettles and based on the POP3 authenticator by Henrik Nordstrom for Squid. Depends on Mail::IMAPClient.
mysql_auth   A basic auth helper written in C called mysql_auth that authenticates against a MySQL database.
shaga_auth 404 Not Found
A free authenticator program for Squid and the ShagaEngine billing system.
Squid Users Manager 599 Internal Exception
Squid Users management is a web-enabled and intuitive user interface writen upon Ruby on Rails web development framework that manager Squid Proxy NCSA auth users across MD5 digest files. Squid Users management is Open Source, distributed under the terms of the GPL licence.


ecap-gzip   This Software is an eCAP adapter for HTTP compression with GZIP and DEFLATE. This is fully re-worked in C++11, improved and bugfixed production version, based on Constantin Rack's https://github.com/c-rack/squid-ecap-gzip adapter
ecap-mongo   A C++ eCAP module that stores content in Mongo DB. This module may be loaded by Squid (or any eCAP compatible cache/proxy).
squid-ecap-exif   Squid eCAP adapter for stripping EXIF metadata from requests. Reworked and ready for production by TCW.


3Dhierarchy.pl   A perl script by Kenichi Matsui that generates a 3D hierarchy map in VRML from squid.conf files.
AJ-Squid-ACL-Helper   This is a simple acl helper, compatible with big black lists, just to match urls with acls, keep use of other squid config, like http_access, and other matchs acls in default config. This keep centralized config in squid with high performance and no reload for new urls.
Malware Block List 522
The Malware Block List is a free, automated and user contributed system for checking URLs for the presence of Viruses, Trojans, Worms, or any other software considered Malware. The list of URLs that point to Malware is available and formatted for using on Squid to block users from acessing and downloading these malicious softwares.
proxymin   An easy to use graphical interface to configure commonly needed Squid ACLs. It allows for fine grained permission management based on users, hosts and groups. Protocols HTTP, HTTPS and FTP are currently supported. proxymin has been tested with several hundreds of managed accounts. All major features have been implemented and tested.
REDbot   RED is a robot that checks HTTP resources to see how they'll behave, pointing out common problems and suggesting improvements. Although it is not a HTTP conformance tester, it can find a number of HTTP-related issues.
sqcwa   This program reads squid/access.log on the fly, analyses it and searches inside all text/html objects for some tags, and if found, tells squidclient to purge the page.
squidpurge 0
The purge tool is a kind of magnifying glass into your squid-2 cache. You can use purge to have a look at what URLs are stored in which file within your cache. The purge tool can also be used to release objects which URLs match user specified regular expressions. A more troublesome feature is the ability to remove files squid does not seem to know about any longer.
NOTE: purge has been updated and integrated with squid-3.2
squish 403 Forbidden
Squish maintains a per-user record of proxy traffic and time on-line. (ab)Users exceeding configured quotas are squished (added to a blacklist acl). (Licence GPL)
Sucker   Editor for Squid proxy configuration files based on default squid.conf
Unanimated GIFs   Tim Newsome's page has a patch for Squid-2.3 that removes animation codes from GIF images.
Webmin   Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any browser that supports tables and forms (and Java for the File Manager module), you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and so on. Webmin has a module for configuring Squid.
WebScan for Linux   WebScan for Linux brings the awesome Anti Virus and Content Security features of MicroWorld products to protect the internal clients/networks served by Linux based Proxy Servers and stop the threat at the gateway level.
wget   A command-line Web client that supports both HTTP and FTP. Wget can generate proxy-HTTP requests and is useful for mirroring Web sites.


c-icap   c-icap is an implementation of an ICAP server. It can be used with HTTP proxies that support the ICAP protocol to implement content adaptation and filtering services.
Diladele Web Safety 404 Not Found
Diladele Web Safety is an ICAP daemon that integrates with existing Squid Proxy Server and provides rich content filtering functionality to sanitize Internet traffic passing into internal home/enterprise network. It may be used to block illegal or potentially malicious file downloads, remove annoying advertisements, prevent access to various categories of the web sites and block resources with explicit content.
GreasySpoon   GreasySpoon is a scripting engine running on top of an ICAP server. Inspired by Firefox GreaseMonkey extension, it allows to easily develop content adaptation services using Squid 3 ICAP interface.
squidclamav   SquidClamav is an antivirus for Squid proxy based on the Awards winnings ClamAv anti-virus toolkit. Using it will help you securing your home or enterprise network web traffic. SquidClamav is the most efficient Squid Redirector and ICAP service antivirus tool for HTTP traffic available for free, it is written in C and can handle thousand of connections. The way to add more securing on your network for free is here.


hidentd 404 Not Found
hidentd is a simple and secure GPLed ident (RFC1413) server. It requires either inetd, xinetd or ucspi-tcp to run.
ident2   Ident2 is an alternative approach to auth/ident services. Can be a well-behaved (RFC compliant) netizen or turned completely away from the path by a security paranoid network administrator who still needs to run some kind of ident servers.
Identd for Windows 95/98/Me   A free basic implementation of RFC1413 for Windows 95, 98, and ME
Pidentd   Ident server for Unix systems.
winidentd   A free basic implementation of RFC931/RFC1413 for Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT.


.Traf (dotTraf)   .Traf is a simple but complete proxy server log analyzer, for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP, supporting actually squid native log file (squid-cache proxy server). .Traf can generate html reports and/or browse all entries from its GUI
access-times.awk   By Andrew Richards shows access times for various categories of requests.
bt-LogAnalyzer   This utility, by Burstek, parses logfiles from Squid and other caching products. It can generate combined reports for all logs and also includes email usage. The software runs on Windows 2000/XP.
Cache+   Cache+ is a squid-cache based product and SQL Based squid reporting. Technical Features: WCCP, MS Active Directory Auth, Radius Auth, Access Control List, URL brolcking, Detail Log Analyzer (with database)
cache-stats   By Iain Lea produces daily usage statistics for Netscape and Squid caches.
Calamaris   By Cord Beermann is a tool to analyse Squid's access.log. It generates ascii or html-reports. For a full list of features, please visit the Calamaris home page.
Cyfin Reporter   Cyfin Reporter is a scalable logfile analyzer that supports 95 different logfile formats, including Squid logfiles. From these logfiles, Cyfin produces Web-use reports that are detailed, accurate and easy to read. Customizable features fit any organization's Web-use policy. Supports Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT, Red Hat Linux, Solaris SPARC and Active Directory. Free 30-Day Trial.
Etplc   The http://etplc.org open source project check more than 9000 Threats on your proxy/webserver logs. Thx InfoSec community and @EmergingThreats team.
Free-SA   Free-SA is tool for statistical analysis of daemons' log files, similar to SARG. Its main advantages over SARG are much better speed (7x-20x), more support for reports, and W3C compliance of generated HTML/CSS reports. It can be used to help control traffic usage, to control Internet access security policies, to investigate security incidents, to evaluate server efficiency, and to detect troubles with configuration.
generic filters ftp.ee.lbl.gov: Connection timed out
from LBL also translate IP addresses to hostnames.
Internet Access Monitor for Squid   Internet Access Monitor is a software for monitoring the efficiency of your company's Internet bandwidth usage. Using this product you can easily find out who, when, where to, where from and what accessed the Internet.
ip2fqdn.pl   by Martin Gleeson translates IP addresses to hostnames.
Kraken Reports 403 Forbidden
Kraken Reports is a log analyser written in C# for the .NET platform. It allows Administrators to do analysis on what users have been doing on their systems and filter users based on key words.
LightSquid   LightSquid - lite log analizer for squid proxy small size (~45k) and fast parser ;-) small disk usage generate many report type
logrep   Logrep is a framework for extraction and presentation of information from various logfiles. It now supports snort, squid, postfix, apache, IIS and viruswall. HTML-reports, 2D analysis, overview page, ssh communication and bar charts are available.
ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer   ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is a web-based log analysis tool that collects, correlates, and reports on logs from enterprise-wide firewalls, proxy servers, and Radius servers. Features include threshold-based alerting, log archiving, historical trending, and more.
ModLogAn   The modular logfile analyzer tool is able to analyze logfiles from 15 different servers (http, ftp, mail, streaming, etc.), including Squid. Its template engine generates XHTML based on usersupplied themes which makes it possible to provide look & feel of your own wishes.
MySAR   MySQL Squid Access Report is a dynamic database-based squid log analysis software, designed to be both flexible and easy to use.
NLANR   Here are the old and difficult scripts that we use on our own caches.
OSSEC   OSSEC is an open source project for security log analysis that supports squid, web, auth and mail logs. Some of the things you can detect by analyzing your squid logs are presented in the following document: http://www.ossec.net/en/loganalysis.html
proxy_stats.gawk   By Richard Huveneers produces a different kind of report for an access.log.
pwebstats 403 Forbidden
By Martin Gleeson includes support for Squid's native log format. In particular squid2common.pl will convert it to the common httpd log format.
S.L.A.E. (Squid Log Analyzer Express)   S.L.A.E. is a platform, developed using C# and the .NET Framework 1.1 (and Mono), for analyze the Squid's log file. The project's aims are: be an OpenSource project, support for Windows and Linux (using Mono), support for rich and web client, support for SQl, MySQl and Access database, provide a rich class's sets for database's access and manage, provide OLTP and OLAP database, analyze and import "BIG" access.log file, manage multiple server and log's file
Sarg   By Pedro Lineu Orso Squid Analysis Report Generator is a tool that allows you to view "where" your users are going to on the Internet.
SCALAR   SCALAR (Squid Cache Advanced Log Analyzer & Reporter) produces many detailed reports, such as: Time Based Load Statistic, Extensions Report, Content Report, Object Sizes Report, Request Methods Report, Squid & HTTP Result Codes Report and Cache Hierarchy Reports - most of reports are splitted on Requests, Traffic, Timeouts and Denies statistic. SCALAR is highly customizable tool/script written on AWK - all setting can be defined inside script header. SCALAR developed by Yuri N. Fominov.
Screen Squid   Screen squid is web-based interface for viewing reports based on Squid proxy server log files. It can be accessed from web-browser through more than 20 reports. No extra files, only DB. All reports generated "on-the-fly". Free.
Squeezer   by Maciej Kozinski, gathers information abount Squid's internal performance and eficiency of relationship, finds bottlenecks, shows data transfer speed from particular sources.
Squeezer2   by Andrew Fresh is derived from Squeezer, but with more features, including running from a chroot environment.
Squid Efficiency Analyzer 403 Forbidden
Squid Efficiency Analyzer interprets a Squid log (native) to determine how much traffic can be retrieved from the cache and how much comes from the webservers in the internet. Tested with log files from Squid 2.5 STABLE 5 for Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003.
Squid Top Site Report Generator   STSRG (Squid Top-Site Report Generator) is a Perl script to analyze the previous days squid access.log log file and produce a report of the most frequently visited URLs. It~Rs reasonably quick processing about 100,000 lines of log file in 12 seconds.
Squid-Log-Analyzer   Squid-Log-Analyzer is a small Perl script that analyses Squid's access.log.
Squidalyser   Squidalyser is a squid traffic analyser, designed to allow per-user scrutiny and analysis of squid logfiles. The program runs from a Unix system via a web browser.
SquidAnalyzer   Squid proxy native log analyser and reports generator with full statistics about times, hits, bytes, users, networks, top urls and top domains. Statistic reports are oriented toward user and bandwidth control; this is not a pure cache statistics generator.
squidARG   squidARG is a program that generates reports from the Squid access.log.
squidltc   squidltc is the Squid Access Log Time Convertor.
squidmagic   squidmagic is a tool designed to analyze a web-based network traffic to detect central command and control (C&C) servers and Malicious site, using Squid proxy server,Virustotal and etc...
Squidtaild 404 Not Found
By Maurice Smiley is a Perl daemon designed to tail the squid log file and report user activity in real time based on user definable filter matches. Output generated by squidtaild is sent to an html page showing you how many filter matches, what they were and what ip address matched the filter. [Squidtaild used to be at http://trailer.linuxatwork.at/, but that site is now gone.]
Squidview   Squidview is an interactive program Which monitors Squid's access.log and displays it in a nice fashion. It has searching and reporting functions. Squidview is a console program which also runs in an xterm. It has been tested on several distributions of Linux and is available under the GPL.
squint   squint generates a little report of who is spending the most time and resources browsing the internet via your squid proxy server. The top offenders in terms of data transfer, number of files transferred and on-line time are reported. squint now also generates a detailed history for each person which can be viewed with a browser.
SRG - Squid Report Generator   SRG is a fast log analyser that creates detailed output reports right down to the individual URLs visited. SRG has strong support for integration with authentication systems to allow granular access to the reports.
Stone Steps Webalizer   Supports IIS and custom Apache log formats; CSS2-based HTML reports; run-time configurable languages; native DNS support (Windows & Linux);
Surftrackr   Surftrackr is a log file analyser for squid and Dan's Guardian. The program allows a non-technical user to extract information about Web usage patterns, the type of information downloaded, the sites visited by users, and the amount of information (per-byte or per-file) accessed. Surftrackr runs via a web browser.
The Webalizer 403 Forbidden
Its a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser.
UnveilTech Squid Log file Analyzer 404 Not Found
We offer a free service to analye Squid Log files with URL Categorization. This is an online tool using 48+ Millions categorized websites (increasing by 1+ Million per week).
W3Perl   W3Perl is a free logfile analyser.


Internet Access Control   Internet Access Control (IAC) is a LAMP system that integrates with Squid to deliver real-time graphical statistics, billing, monitoring and more.
MultiTail   MultiTail has a colorscheme specially for Squid for convenient monitoring of the squid logfiles. It can also convert ip-addresses to hostnames and timestamps to descriptive texts, all on the fly.
Pandora FMS Monitoring Software   Pandora FMS is a monitoring software that allows to monitor networks, hardware, systems, servers, applications and business processes. All in one solution. There is a free solution Free Monitoring Software
SqStat   SqStat is a script which allows to look through active squid users connections. It use cachemgr protocol to get information from squid proxy server.
squid-rrd 404 Not Found
A Perl script that makes cache manager requests to extract useful information, which is then stored in a number of RRD databases. A sample CGI script shows how to view the RRD data through an Apache server.


DansGuardian   A fully featured web filtering proxy that uses squid. It filters based on web page content (by a banned phrase list), PICS, MIME-type and file extension. It is free for non-commerical use.
E2Guardian   E2Guardian is an Open Source web content filter, It filters the actual content of pages based on many methods including phrase matching, request header and URL filtering, etc. It does not purely filter based on a banned list of sites. E2Guardian is a content filtering proxy that works in conjunction with another caching proxy such as Squid or Oops. More information can be found in the e2guardian(8) man page, the "doc" subdirectory of the distribution, and the comments in the configuration and list files themselves. E2Guardian is a fork of DansGuardian and the maintainers fully acknowledge the work carried out by and the copyright of Daniel Baron and other contributors to the DansGuardian project.
frox, a transparent ftp proxy   frox is a transparent ftp proxy which is released under the GPL. It optionally supports caching (either through an external http cache (eg. squid), or by maintaining a cache locally), and/or running a virus scanner, on downloaded files. It is written with security in mind, and in the default setup it runs as a non root user in a chroot jail.
NTLM Authorization Proxy Server   'NTLM Authorization Proxy Server' (APS) is a proxy software that allows you to authenticate via an MS Proxy Server using the proprietary NTLM protocol. Since version 0.9.5 APS has an ability to behave as a standalone proxy server and authenticate http clients at web servers using NTLM method. It can change arbitrary values in your client's request header so that those requests will look like they were created by MS IE. It is written in Python v1.5.2 language.
ProxyTrack   ProxyTrack is a simple proxy server that delivers content archived by HTTrack sessions. It can aggregate multiple download caches, for direct use (through any browser) or as an upstream cache slave server. This proxy can handle HTTP/1.1 proxy connections, and is able to reply to ICPv2 requests for an efficient integration within other cache servers, such as Squid. It can also handle transparent HTTP requests to allow cached live connections inside an offline network.
transproxy   A program that can be used in conjunction with the Linux Transparent Proxy networking feature, and ipfwadm, to transparently proxy HTTP and other requests. Transproxy is written by John Saunders.


Ad Zapper   A free redirector by Cameron Simpson designed to eliminate advertisement images. You can also get regular updates of the pattern-matching database.
asqredir   asqredir (another squid redirect program) is a small, basic and fast redirect program for the almighty squid webcache. It can be used for filtering out advertisements from web sites or preventing proxy users to get certain files and redirect them to another url.
churl 404 Not Found
A Java based helper taking XML configuration file syntax to perform URL redirection. Supports Squid helper concurrency and threading.
dnsbl_redir   dnsbl_redir is a SQUID DNSBL redirector created to use RHS (right hand side) DNS BlackLists as a means to block traffic to a SQUID proxy instead or in conjunction with other filters such as SquidGuard. dnsbl_redir is a shamelessly derived redirector based on the asqredir redirector written by Thomas Zippo. (Thanks for a nce redirector!) See the web page for more info!
Dynamic Content Booster   Store ID helper AKA Dynamic Content Booster is scalable, enterprise-grade, high-performance multi-threaded content deduplicator. It works with any Squid starting with v3 and with all products based on it. DCB supports up to 4096 threads per helper process.
Ian's ftp.sbs.de: Name or service not known
A redirector that allows Intranet (restricted) or Internet (full) access with URL deny and redirection for sites that are not deemed acceptable for a userbase all via a single proxy port.
iredir   iredir is a small python program which can be used as a squid redirector to rewrite urls based on regular expression definitions. Its highly flexible and also supports multithreaded squid3 redirector mode.
Jesred   A very fast and highly configurable redirector package by Jens Elkner.
LASP   Lasp is a "Lightweight ACL" helper application for Squid proxy. It was designed to allow a moderate number of allow/deny rules to be implemented in such a way as to have maximum flexibility and minimal overhead to the performance of the proxy. It has been found to perform moderately well with about 100-150 users in a corporate environment.
pyredir 404
pyredir is a flexible but simple redirector for Squid implemented in Python. URLs matching Python regular expressions can be redirected using regular expression substitution, databases of filename-to-url mappings, alternative config files, or child redirectors. Utilities are provided for generating database files from file archives. It is primarily useful for redirecting requests to large local FTP archives, but it can also be useful as a top-level redirector that separates and feeds requests to more specialized child redirectors.
Rejik   REJIK is a Web filtering system consisting of a Squid redirector and ban lists. It is fast and easy.
shaga_redir 404 Not Found
A mysql based redirector program for Squid and the ShagaEngine billing system. It checks user status (blocked/unblocked by billing system) and redirects user to the proper page.
Soulcatcher   Soulcatcher is a Squid redirector designed with educational establishments in mind. It is designed to be easy to use and allow easy updating via a command line.
sqRiakRedirector   RIAK based redirector for SQUID. Useful for URL based content blocking
squidGuard 599 Internal Exception
A free (GPL), flexible and efficient filter and redirector program for squid. It lets you define multiple access rules with different restrictions for different user groups on a squid cache. squidGuard uses squid standard redirector interface.
Squirm   A configurable, efficient redirector for Squid by Chris Foote with many cool features
squirm-ads   Squirm-ads is a fast & configurable redirector for the Squid Internet Object Cache. It is based on squirm package. It extends squirm functionality and introduces content filter based on Windows Active Directory groups.
SquiVi2   SquiVi2 is a redirector for squid. It makes is possible to include an virusscanner in squid to search for viruses and trojans in the requested files. You can configure as many virus scanners and compression tools as you want.
ufdbGuard   ufdbGuard is a free URL filter that works with free and commercial blacklist databases, is extremely fast and has additional security features like https tunnel detection, Google SafeSearch enforcement, and strong SSL certificate validation.
Viralator   Viralator is a virus scanner interface for Squid. Before a user can download a file, Squid passes the file to the Viralator script which, in turn, uses a virus scanner to scan, disinfect or delete the download. This is especially good for stopping virus infected files from free email sites like hotmail, etc. Viralator uses Squirm, Apache, and a virus scanner called Innoculate.
Volta 404 Not Found
Volta is a featureful, extremely high performance / low resource URI rewriter for use with the Squid caching proxy server. With it, you can dynamically alter URI requests on arbitrary criteria. It uses a finite state machine to parse URIs and rules, and a constant database for storage. It can perform conditional rewrites internally or by evaluating simple Lua scripts.
zapchain   Another free redirector by Cameron Simpson designed to chain multiple redirectors together. The directions is specific to combining Adzapper with another redirector, but works equally well with any other set redirectors.

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