Option Name:wccp2_service_info
Default Value:none
Suggested Config:

	Dynamic WCCPv2 services require further information to define the
	traffic you wish to have diverted.

	The format is:

	wccp2_service_info <id> protocol=<protocol> flags=<flag>,<flag>..
	    priority=<priority> ports=<port>,<port>..

	The relevant WCCPv2 flags:
	+ src_ip_hash, dst_ip_hash
	+ source_port_hash, dst_port_hash
	+ src_ip_alt_hash, dst_ip_alt_hash
	+ src_port_alt_hash, dst_port_alt_hash
	+ ports_source

	The port list can be one to eight entries.


	wccp2_service_info 80 protocol=tcp flags=src_ip_hash,ports_source
	    priority=240 ports=80

	Note: the service id must have been defined by a previous
	'wccp2_service dynamic <id>' entry.