Squid 3.0 changes

These changesets represents the changes since the last release and is included in the current nightly Squid 3.0 snapshots and is scheduled to be included in the next Squid 3.0 release.

Note to package maintainers: Patches to the current Squid 3.0 release represents work in progress and has not yet undergone full quality checks. The developer team reserves the right to update these at any time to fix problems found during quality checking. For this reason (and to reduce confusion about package versions) package maintainers are discouraged from using these patches, and only use this page to backport changes from published releases to earlier releases if your QA policy does not allow upgrading your package to the current Squid 3.0 release. If there is any questions regarding this policy please contact squid-dev@lists.squid-cache.org.

DateAuthorSize Description
2015-04-23 13:02:10 +0000Source Maintenance+16 -7 Docs: Update CONTRIBUTORS
2015-02-18 02:48:41 -0800Amos Jeffries+31 -6 Release Notes updates
2014-09-14 23:03:30 -0600Sebastian Krahmer+3 -5 Fix off by one in SNMP subsystem
2014-08-27 08:41:52 -0600Amos Jeffries+3 -3 Ignore Range headers with unidentifiable byte-range values
2013-07-10 06:48:16 -0600Nathan Hoad+16 -12 Protect against buffer overrun in DNS query generation
2012-09-23 01:14:31 -0600Amos Jeffries+2 -1 Bug #3622: peerClearRRStart scheduling multiple events

Release statistics - New Squid 3.0 Release changes

Amos Jeffries3+36 -10
Nathan Hoad1+16 -12
Sebastian Krahmer1+3 -5
Source Maintenance1+16 -7
total6+71 -34

Release statistics - Changes shared with Older Squid Versions

total0+0 -0

Older Releases of Squid 3.0

Squid 3.0.STABLE26

Squid 3.0.STABLE24

Squid 3.0.STABLE21

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Squid 3.0.STABLE22

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Squid 3.0.STABLE1

Squid 3.0.RC1

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Project statistics

5+0 -0
Adrian Chadd55+3219 -2885
Alex Rousskov104+5389 -4340
Alexey Veselovsky1+5 -5
Alin Nastac1+41 -8
Amos Jeffries538+21744 -4852
Arthur Tumanyan1+719 -1
Automatic source maintenance17+0 -0
Christos Tsantilas12+3711 -3929
Diego Woitasen1+2 -0
Duane Wessels235+8560 -6863
Emilio Casbas2+25 -15
Francesco Chemolli10+131 -86
Gonzalo Arana1+4 -5
Guido Serassio258+15750 -5174
Henrik Nordstrom386+27395 -26784
Jakub Wilk1+1 -1
Jochen Voss1+1 -1
Kieran Whitbread1+7 -0
Klaubert Herr1+16 -1
Klaus Singvogel3+26 -30
Luigi Gangitano1+4 -1
Manu Garg1+5 -1
Marco Beck1+23 -5
Marko1+2 -1
Markus Moeller1+6168 -4
Matthias Pitzl1+2 -2
Nathan Hoad34+16 -12
Pawel Worach2+54 -5
Peter Pramberger1+28 -37
Philippe Lantin1+1 -1
Pierangelo Masarati1+3 -3
Rafael Martinez4+1240 -0
Robert Collins48+12211 -6432
Sebastian Krahmer3+3 -5
Source Maintenance2+16 -7
Steven Wilton1+39 -1
Thomas-Martin Seck1+3 -3
Unknown1+18 -0
Vitaliy Matytsyn (main)2+20 -17
Xavier Redon1+1 -1
total1742+106603 -61518