Option Name:tcp_outgoing_tos
Replaces:tcp_outgoing_ds, tcp_outgoing_dscp
Default Value:none
Suggested Config:

	Allows you to select a TOS/Diffserv value to mark outgoing
	connections with, based on the username or source address
	making the request.

	tcp_outgoing_tos ds-field [!]aclname ...

	Example where normal_service_net uses the TOS value 0x00
	and good_service_net uses 0x20

	acl normal_service_net src
	acl good_service_net src
	tcp_outgoing_tos 0x00 normal_service_net
	tcp_outgoing_tos 0x20 good_service_net

	TOS/DSCP values really only have local significance - so you should
	know what you're specifying. For more information, see RFC2474,
	RFC2475, and RFC3260.

	The TOS/DSCP byte must be exactly that - a octet value  0 - 255, or
	"default" to use whatever default your host has. Note that in
	practice often only multiples of 4 is usable as the two rightmost bits
	have been redefined for use by ECN (RFC 3168 section 23.1).

	Processing proceeds in the order specified, and stops at first fully
	matching line.

	Note: The use of this directive using client dependent ACLs is
	incompatible with the use of server side persistent connections. To
	ensure correct results it is best to set server_persisten_connections
	to off when using this directive in such configurations.