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Complete Online Marketing Solutions:

At Estroco Technologies, we provide all the tools necessary to promote your business/organization. Whether your goal is: to have people come to your website, or to prospect for orders of products, we can help. Note all prices are in US$ funds. We provide the following solutions:

1. Bulk Email Software:

We are distributors for one of the best bulk email packages out there. For instance perhaps you need to get a report out to various people. Or maybe you have a product or service that you know certain people need. If you work at a company and have messages you want to send to people for a project, etc. this program would fit your needs. If you had to send this manually, it would take you a very long time to do it, one by one. That's why you need bulk email software. You just load up a list of people you need to send to, and it sends it out to them. It's simple interface, is very easy to use. Just load your list, and send. And with it's revolutionary RSR engine, Avalanche sends at break necking speed. We are now offering the revolutionary DNS cloaking system for free. There are too many features of the program to list. Avalanche 98 transforms your computer into a powerful mail server. Let us show you the benefits of this amazing software. As well, you can receive a free 500 l!
imit demo certificate, which will give you time to actually try out the program package. the program retails regularly for: $350, but if you mention this ad, we will give it to you for $299.

2. Bulk Email Services

Let us send out your email information for you. It can be of any length, but must not be illegal in nature, or be of a pornographic nature. The list below, is a general pricing. We can customize how many you want sent out.

100,000 - 200
200,000 - 345
400,000 - 875
600,000 - 1,300
800,000 - 1,800
1,000,000 - 2,600
2,000,000 - 3,700

3. WebSite Search Engine Promotion

One key factor for getting people to go to your website, is to have your site on search engines. The more search engines you are listed on, the more hits from your attended audience you'll receive. When including this option, we need the following criteria:

- website to be submitted
- keywords to be used(max. 25)
- Title of Web Site
- 30 word description

Also, we allow multiple submissions, which will allow maximum exposure. Ever so often, sites will bump your listing down so it is a good idea to have the same site, submitted at least once a month, to guarantee to maintain your listing at the top.

Our prices:

100 engines & directories - 15.00
200 engines & directories - 25.00
500 engines & directories - 45.00

4. Email Lists

Ok. So you want to do your own bulk emailings. Well, we have our own bulk emailing lists, which are cleaned of remove requests, flames, etc. Also, we have much more on stock.

500,000 - 220.00
1,000,000 - 350.00

5. Targeted Mailings & Targeted Email Lists

We also have targeted email addresses, and also can retrieve targeted email addresses. Minimum order of 5,000, due to the large work involved. Prices start at 200.00 per 5,000, and go up from there, depending on the amount of targeting being done.

6. Ezine Publications

We are now pleased to offer the service of sending Ezine Publications. Basically, an ezine is an informative magazine sent by email on a regular basis. It is supported by advertisers wishing to market their product or service. We will maintain ad placement for the ezine, the targeted market that the ezine is intended for, and the actual sending of the ezine. All you do is supply the actual content. Prices are as follows:

10,000 - 350.00
20,000 - 500.00
40,000 - 800.00
100,000 - 1,200.00

This is a monthly rate for a standard ezine. Depending on the circumstances, and how many times a month you wish your ezine to be sent, prices may vary. If your interested, please contact us and give us a little background on what you intend to do, etc.

7. Web Page Design

Let us create your web page, with state of the art design & graphics. To get started on this, you will need to send us a proposal, either by email, fax, or snail mail. If possible please send us a competitive price so we can work out and negotiate the web site to be designed.

8. Customized Graphics

We can customize any graphics you desire. For example do you need customized pictures, a company logo, a banner, or any type of graphical illustration. We can do all. Contact us on what you need, and we will reply with a price quote.

9. Web Page Maintenance

We also can maintain your web page, and make changes as you require them. The prices can be negotiated on this. For further info. please email us, or phone us.

10. Credit Card Merchant Account

We have arrangements with a major credit card processor, which will allow you to obtain a pre-approved merchant account. You can then accept credit cards on your web-site, or be able to receive orders, form email messages sent out, etc. They also have various other services that they provide. Email us for more information.

Do you have a deal to make with us?? Send us some info. on your proposal and we will look at it. If we want to go from there, we will negotiate fairly.

We are always coming out with new services and products. Do you have any new ideas that we can add to our extensive list of products/services. Drop us a line, and we will certainly look over it. If there's something that's not here, we probably came out with it, or will come out with it. Just contact us and we will see what we can do.

How to order or Contact us:

As stated above, prices are in US. Funds. We accept as payment, check, money order, or bank transfer.
For check's and money orders please send to our postal address. For bank transfer's please email, or phone us, for further instructions.

To place an order, send a proposal, or to discuss anything with us:

Postal Address:

Estroco Technologies
R.R # 1
Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada
L0S 1V0

Phone: (905) 899-3822
Fax: (905) 899-3508

Thanks for your attention and time.

Note: if you don't wish to receive further mailings, please respond to our email address stating this, and you will not receive any mailings from us or will not be place on any email lists, etc. You will just be transferred to our permanent remove list, which will guarantee you receive no mailings form us, or any mailings form lists sold by us.
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