Re: squid-2.2.devel-3 and mrtg-2.6.5

From: Glenn Chisholm <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 16:00:20 -0700 (MST)

> 1. Since snmp_community was removed from squid-2.2-dev-3
> (as the web page states )
> how do I setup the comminity password? Also since the
> mib_path was removed from squid.conf, does squid defaults
> to $squidpath/etc/mib.txt?


# acl aclname snmp_community string ...
# # Example:
# #
# # acl snmppublic snmp_community public

        As for the mib file. Squid no longer parses it on startup, it has
no need. So squid does not care about the mib.txt file.
> 2. Can I create a squid-mrtg.conf using cfgmaker that comes
> with mrtg distribution? If not is there a way to patch cfgmaker
> since it's so handy?
        cfgmaker is designed for routers and really is quite unsutable for
squid. You could try and patch it. However I would suggest that it is
easier to write it from scratch, but I am not sure I see the need.

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