cacheMemUsage, cacheCpuUsage, and Squid

From: Scott Prater <>
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 11:00:54 +0200

Hello, all --

I'm seeing some odd values returned when I use snmpget to retrieve some
information from Squid.

When I ask for the current value of cacheMemUsage, I get the value for
cacheCpuUsage (as verified independently in cachemgr):

% snmpget -O n -m ~/squid-mib-06.txt -p 3401 localhost passwd
. = 258

and when I ask for the cacheCpuUsage, I get 0:

% snmpget -O n -m ~/squid-mib-06.txt -p 3401 localhost passwd
. = 0

I´ve verified that the OIDs are coreect...

Has anyone else seen this occur? Can anyone else duplicate this
I'm currently using Squid-2.3-STABLE2 on a Linux system.

Thanks again,


Scott Prater
Analista de Sistemas
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