Re: cacheMemUsage, cacheCpuUsage, and Squid

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000 14:47:53 +0200

Scott Prater wrote:
> Okay, I think I've tracked down the problem. Source code referred to
> below is from Squid-2.3-STABLE2.
> In the Squid MIB, version 6, there is the following variable defined
> just before cacheMemUsage, in the performance group:
> cacheSysDefReads OBJECT-TYPE
> SYNTAX Counter32
> MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
> STATUS current
> " see cachemgr "
> ::= { cacheSysPerf 3 }

Where have you found this MIB definition? It seems to be a
Squid-2.2.STABLE3 or earlier MIB. The correct Squid MIB version for
Squid-2.3.STABLE2 is 1.24 (from RCS $Id$ field), and there
cacheSysPerf.3 is defined as:

        cacheMemUsage OBJECT-TYPE
                SYNTAX Integer32
                MAX-ACCESS read-only
                STATUS current
                        " Total memory accounted for KB"
        ::= { cacheSysPerf 3 }

The correct MIB definition is always including with the corresponding
Squid source package, and installed in <prefix>/etc/mib.txt (i.e.
/usr/local/squid/etc/mib.txt if the default prefix is used).

The MIB definition for Squid has not fully stabilized yet and are
subject to change. You should always make sure to use the MIB definition
from the exact Squid version you are running.

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker
Received on Fri Apr 07 2000 - 07:29:58 MDT

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