Re: squid rs size via SNMP, returns 0

From: Wayne Smith <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 15:09:44 -0400

Actually, no. It doesn't show up in cachemgr either. I always get the info
looking at 'top', never paid much attention under general runtime

Alright, Henrik, what versions of glibc do I need to avoid?

I'm interested in monitoring the value primarily as a watchdog to alert me
to trouble. I've got 640 megs in the machine, but if the cache ends up
seeing lots and lots of small objects, it can still get up there.

Also, thanks for that information on your page about filedescriptors on
Linux 2.2.x. Very useful information!

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Subject: Re: squid rs size via SNMP, returns 0

> Wayne Smith wrote:
> > I'm trying to get the Resident Size information for the Squid process
> > SNMP (cacheMaxResSize, Currently, it
> > returns zero. I'm able to query other values and get results back
> > of cached objects, etc).
> Do you get the value using cachemgr? There is a problem with some
> Linux/GNU libc versions where getrusage always returns 0 for maxrss.
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