From: Michael Ngo <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 17:19:48 +1100

Hi All,

  (sorry if you got this message twice!)

  I've got a simple questions that I hope someone may give me advice
on. I'm currently trying to implement CARP in SQUID but I'm running
into some difficulties.

  I have 3 boxes that I've called emu1, emu2 and emu3, and they're all
running squid-2.3 STABLE3 on RedHAT Linux 6.0. I noted that Duane
Wessels point out that version 2.3 STABLE3 doesn't balance the
load very well, so I've applied the patch that he suggested. What I
had in mind is:

/--emu2 (configured with CARP) as parent
  emu1 ---------------------/
(configure with load balance \
\--emu3 (configured with CARP) as parent

Up to now, I've:

1. applied the patch
2. run the configure script to --enable-carp (on all 3 boxes)
3. in emu1, configured the squid.conf to read:
        cache_peer emu2 parent 3136 0
        cache_peer emu3 parent 3137 0
 - specifying part 0 to the ICP port disables this service.
   in emu2 and emu3, I configured them to have no parents or any peering

 The problem is that when I ask emu1 to retrive an object, all it does
is go directly to the origin server
to retieve it. It doesn't talk to emu2 and emu3 and there certainly is
no indication of CARP messages in
the access.log.

  I'm not sure if all that I'm doing is right. Any sort of advice would
be much appreciated.

  Many thanks.

Michael NGO,
Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Engineering,
The University Of Melbourne,
Victoria 3010, AUSTRALIA
phone: +61 3 8344 9195
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