Re: snmp + squid

From: Brian E. Seppanen <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 09:05:29 -0500 (EST)

A couple of things to try.

check your squid.conf file and look for
acl snmppublic ... (make sure you are using the proper community string)
snmp_port ... (note the port may be non-standard and will have to be specified in the config)
snmp_allow ... (make sure your machine's subnet is included)

you get your community string from the acl snmppublic
you determine if your machine is allowed to query from snmp_allow
and you query on snmp_port.

Of course in your mrtg configs you will have to plug in the appropriate
port number in the config. See the mrtg configuration option reference
for more info.

Also you may need to include in your mrtg.conf or main.conf or whatever.
(more info in the mrtg config reference):
LoadMIBs: /usr/squid/mib.txt (or wherever the squid mib resides on your
machine. Squid comes with its own mib, but you don't have to use it. I
think it would only matter if you were using a descriptive name and not
the numeric oid.

Of course if your traffic is blocked anywhere prior to reaching that
machine you have to open it up.


On 17 Dec 2000, Sameer Maggon wrote:

> To: "" <>
> From: Sameer Maggon <>
> Subject: snmp + squid
> hi,
> I am working on a project under linux for which
> i need to somehow get the contents of the squid's
> cache..
> From yr mail (previous) i found u have some idea on
> it.. so can u help me how to get it through snmp or
> there is some other way to do that
> thanx in advance
> Sameer Maggon
> New Delhi
> India
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