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From: Brian E. Seppanen <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 10:21:47 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Cameron, Lyle K wrote:

> Does anyone know what might be wrong with my SNMP configuration with squid.
> I am trying to graph statistics from squid's SNMP stats with MRTG, but all I
> get is an error message from my MRTG cron statement saying :
> "Unknown SNMP var cacheServerRequests", and the same with all of the other
> squid SNMP variables.

There is a load mibs directive in the mrtg.conf file. It's documented on in a special section for monitoring squid (off the main
page). I'm not certain that will eliminate the problem, however. I've
put that directive in and I still needed to replace a name with the
oid. If it doesn't work, consider just putting the raw oid in. There
was one site that had a lot of oids for squid. I'll see if I can dig up a

> Are there any statements that any of you can think of that I might have
> forgot.

You can skip the rest of this if you get any valid responses.

Make sure your access lists are working. Make sure you're polling the
right port in your config and if public is your community string, you'd be
wise to change it. do an lsof -i | more (mine shows for a solaris box).
squid 29504 nobody 9u inet 0x729f6808 0t0 UDP *:3401 (Idle)

Or use nmap to scan the port to see if it's closed. The port should be
specified in the config. in mrtg you would specify as such

Best thing to do is an snmpwalk on the localhost and see if you get a
response. snmpwalk localhost:3401 (yours may not be on 3401) public
cacheServerRequests or better yet use an oid such as

I hope that helps.

Brian Seppanen
Charter Communications
Regional Data Center 906-228-4226 ext 23
Marquette, MI
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