problems with squid + snmp

From: Corey M. Hanson <>
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 10:13:35 -0400

I am trying to get net-snmpd to work with squid. I compiled squid with
the --enable-snmp swith.

Here is my squid.conf relating to snmp:

acl snmppublic snmp_community public
snmp_port 3401
snmp_access allow snmppublic all
snmp_access deny all

I see the following line in my cache.log file:

Accepting SNMP messages on port 3401, FD 19.

But, when I do the snmpwalk command:
snmpwalk -m /etc/squid/mib.txt -c public localhost:3401

I always get the following:
Timeout: No Response from localhost:3401

I've done a nmap against my server and nothing shows up on port 3401. This
sounds like a prob to me but am not sure what I have done wrong.


Corey M. Hanson, Technology and Systems Consultant
9 Webber Ave.
Beverly, MA 01915
Received on Mon May 06 2002 - 08:13:54 MDT

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