Re: Async I/O on IRIX 6.x?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 20:48:02 +0200

Alex Rousskov wrote:

> Yes, I agree that it is a not good idea to interleave async-IOs
> on the same FD. More importantly, I do not think it is needed.

It is not, and is to my knowledge not currently done either.

> However, I think that the async-code should not mix sync-, async-IO,
> and even calls to select() as it does now. This unhealthy mix
> creates a lot of problems, IMO.

Probably true. If possible one FD should be limited to one thread, but
this is a very much different async-io design than we have now with
other sorts of problems, most importantly thread workload balansing.

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